The typical users of Instagram are the both young and old individuals aged 13 and over. The audiences are people who have a better knowledge of how the Instagram site functions but are unable to differentiate the various platforms. We have different social sites, but users find it hard to differentiate them since they almost work the same.

The purpose of Instagram is to offer a platform for users to interact by sharing photos and videos. Users use the app to interact either publicly or privately. Moreover, users can use the platform to share pictures and videos via other social networking sites.

Both young and old individuals use this platform because they would like to share photos and video with their loved ones. Similarly, those with businesses use the platform to market their products. The Instagram app allows one to turn his/her post into an advert directly. Another reason for using Instagram is because of the availability of various trending topics such as selfies, finstagram, throwback Thursday and weekend hashtag. The platform allows users to follow other people’s feeds and geotag images. With Instagram, one can see the lifestyle of his/her family and friends.

When writing a post on Instagram, it is significant to consider certain things. One should include a call-to-action since it will engage followers and increase the shareability of the post. You should ask a question to encourage more comments from people. Creativity is essential, and one can use hashtags to connect with new users who are interested in the topic.

An example of an Instagram post includes the following. Drinking coffee with my colleagues always make Thursday mornings much brighter. Who else is enjoying his/her coffee the way I do? Please tag a friend in the office and let them join you. It would be better if you take a break! #Thursdaycoffeeday.



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