Instagram is an online platform that enhances video-sharing, photo-sharing and social networking. It enables the users to take videos and pictures and then share them in different social networking platforms as they please. It provides the users with the ability to express themselves without using the spoken language. This goes on with the saying that “a picture speaks a thousand words”. Instagram provides individuals with the same tastes and preferences based on what they upload to socialize in one way or another. Users are also able to find out what other members think of the photos that they upload through comments and hearts that they get. Concepts

The Instagram community can be apportioned to small world networks. This is due to the fact that it is not necessarily that users will view updates from all the other members involved with the site. People tend to follow the individuals or organizations that they deem constructive to engage with. This is a way of creating small world networks since there is no geographical limitation.

There is a form of social capital associated with the use of Instagram. This includes the information that people get regarding new trends in the world. This entails new fashion, new cars and trending celebrity news among others. Several businesses have also taken the opportunity to enhance their reputation by sharing pictures and videos that would prompt other users want to be associated with their brands.

Instargam propagates several civic values. Among them is the inalienable right of pursuit for happiness. There are people who derive happiness through sharing and viewing other people’s videos and pictures. The right of freedom is also enhanced since users can share what they desire so long as it does not contravene the prescribed terms and conditions of usage.


With the aspect of following people and organizations, it means that people can form a certain networking platform. Organizations are taking this opportunity and are starting to get involved with people that they think would be interested in their business ventures. On most occasions, they share photos and videos that are related to their business. When they want to attract people with different interests, they share videos and photos that are not related to their businesses, but include the relevant links to their businesses.

Users are provided with a platform to express themselves without the use of the spoken or written language. Photos of people smiling and dancing to mention a few are used to convey how they are filling at that time. Body language usually speaks a great deal about an individual.

Users of this platform participate willingly in commenting on various photos and videos uploaded by people they are following. This adds value to the platform since the comments are genuine and a true reflection of what other members think.

Implications for Individual Communication Practice

The platform has provided people with the ability to communicate with the world without necessarily using words. People can express what they like, their moods, attitudes to mention but a few by use of photos. This works to the advantage of those people that are not efficient communicators when it comes to use of written words.

Business enterprises also get the opportunity to showcase what they offer to potential clients by use of photos and videos. This is a more appealing way to communicate since it gives the actual appearance of what is being offered.

It is also an online platform where people can source various materials regarding the people they are following. This could be things like what they are fond of wearing, the areas they frequent a lot, cars that they drive e.t.c.




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