Institutional and Individual Discrimination

Institutional and Individual Discrimination

Discrimination is the prejudice against, and the arbitral denial of opportunities, rights and privileges to a person or group based on a certain classification. Discrimination can occur either individually or institutionally. While individual discrimination is often conscious and obvious, institutional discrimination is built into the system itself. Individual discrimination can easily be dealt with by removing the person who discriminates from their position of authority. However, institutional discrimination is covert in nature and is therefore more retentive compared to individual discrimination. One prevalent example of institutional discrimination is when a lecturer uses either examples or slang that is not familiar to some students whose cultural and socioeconomic background is different from others. To eradicate institutional discrimination, an understanding of the practices and assumptions by which it operates in an institution. This understanding can then be effective in reviewing the practice and help in its eradication.

The 1st Comment: The description of institutional discrimination is very much in order and the difference from individual discrimination is crystal clear. The people in Indianapolis receive a lower insurance on their homes based on the perceived lower value of the area where they live in. This treatment is discriminatory in nature because it does not consider such issues as the cost of building the homes. Although eliminating institutional discrimination is a big task, it is not factual to say that it cannot be achieved.

The 2nd Comment: The issue of individual discrimination is not an isolated one since it encompasses even those that are in the institutional discrimination bracket. It is therefore not factual to state that it is on a much smaller scale because it cannot be looked at in isolation. However, it is agreeable that combating individual discrimination is easier that institutional discrimination.


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