Interactive Classroom Enhancement

Interactive Classroom Enhancement


The KIM strategy is effective in teaching children of any class vocabularies. It encompasses three steps as noted below, to foster understanding of new words (Hariadi & Amir, 2014). The KIM strategy is simple to use and impactful.


According to Hariadi & Amir (2014):

K:Key Idea: The Key Idea is where the vocabulary is written. It is the first column to fil in.

I: Important Information: The information section is where the students will write their understanding of the keyword.

M:Memory Clue: The memory clue is something that will trigger the student’s memory of the vocabulary. At times, it could be a sketch of the object or using it in a sentence. However, it is imperative that the student makes a sentence using the vocabulary to promote better understanding.

How to use/Application

The strategy has several steps in use. Firstly, the learners should be assigned a unit accompanied with a list of vocabularies that they will fill in the KIM graphic(Hariadi & Amir, 2014). In this case, the unit will be Democracy.

The second step entails filling the ‘K’ column with the vocabularies that the students will use (Hariadi & Amir, 2014). In this column, the students will fill in the words Democracy and Republic.

After writing down the terms, the learners should go back to the content and read the definitions given in the text. After that, they should write the words in their understanding (HAriadi & Amir, 2014).

Again, the students should create a memory clue of the word that would assist them in future (Hariadi & Amir, 2014). The students can do so by writing a sentence, drawing an image or finding an illustrative sticker.

Lastly, the students should share what they have written on their sheets with each other (HAriadi & Amir, 2014). In so doing, they broaden their understanding of the words Democracy and Republic.

Key Idea Information Memory Clue
Democracy A system of government where the whole population takes part in choosing representatives who will govern them
Republic A state in which the people have the supreme power and elect representatives and a president.

Benefits of the KIM Technique

Students can apply new information. The KIM model encourages students to write content using words that they understand. In effect, they will understand the word faster (Hiriadi & Amir, 2014). The application is important because it also gives children the autonomy to interpret their work as they want, making it enjoyable and long-lasting.

Again, it applies to any topic. The KIM strategy is not just useful in English but across all the subjects taught in school. As such, students and the instructor can easily adapt the technique across multiple subjects (Hiriadi & Amir, 2014). In the same vein, it can be used by people of all ages. Regardless of the class or age, the KIM technique is suitable for understanding vocabulary.

Equally, it applies visual clues. As demonstrated in the above exercise, the KIM strategy makes use of images. Images are important because they foster the understanding of the learners as they can relate the picture to the word (Hiriadi & Amir, 2014). Visuals are particularly helpful to those students who have a problem with formulating sentences to use as clues.

Similarly, the KIM makes learning exciting. Since it engages the students, they develop an interest in the subject (Hiriadi & Amir, 2014). In effect, they tend to perform better in the unit.


The KIM strategy is simple to use and impactful. The technique has three steps, which many learners can accomplish easily. As illustrated in the application section, it is easy to state and define the vocabulary. Additionally, the learners have the autonomy to write the meaning of the word in their own language. Moreover, it is versatile in use and incorporates visual learning. Consequently, students understand more vocabularies using this technique.



Hariadi, I., & Amir, Z. (2014). Teaching English Vocabulary Through KIM (Key Word, Information, and Memory Clue) Vocabulary Strategy in Junior High School. Journal of English Language Teaching, 2(2), 111-119.


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