Interactive Classroom Enhancement

Interactive Classroom Enhancement


The KIM strategy is effective in teaching children of any class vocabularies. It encompasses three steps as noted below, to foster understanding of new words (Hariadi & Amir, 2014). The KIM strategy is simple to use and impactful.


According to Hariadi & Amir (2014):

K:Key Idea: The Key Idea is where the vocabulary is written. It is the first column to fil in.

I: Important Information: The information section is where the students will write their understanding of the keyword.

M:Memory Clue: The memory clue is something that will trigger the student’s memory of the vocabulary. At times, it could be a sketch of the object or using it in a sentence. However, it is imperative that the student makes a sentence using the vocabulary to promote better understanding.

How to use/Application

The strategy has several steps in use. Firstly, the learners should be assigned a unit accompanied with a list of vocabularies that they will fill in the KIM graphic(Hariadi & Amir, 2014). In this case, the unit will be Democracy.

The second step entails filling the ‘K’ column with the vocabularies that the stude

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