Intercultural Communication

At my level, I have been able to interact and communicate with individuals from diverse cultures. As a result, I have learned to talk well, and I have also known how to speak different dialects (Cai, 2010).  This has made me fit in the US society where we currently have people who speak diverse languages. Therefore, I have intercultural society competence skills that enable me to understand the cultures of many communities like the Spanish and Mexicans.

It is essential for me to attain a certain level of intercultural communication proficiency. This is because the world is composed of people of different origins and cultures. Therefore, comprehending their traditions will assist me to develop better relations with other individuals. Personally, intercultural will support me to interact with the immigrants easily. Most of the immigrants, like associating with anyone who understands their language (Cai, 2010). Therefore, they tend to trust such individuals, and they are also ready to share their secrets with them. On the professional level, it can help me to secure a job in any company. In this case, I will be able to work with individuals from diverse nations. This will enhance my chances of creating new friends hence, increasing my chances of professional growth.

Moreover, I will understand how individuals from different cultures handle various jobs. This knowledge can be essential in the future as it will enrich me with new ideas on several issues (Cai, 2010). Finally, intercultural communication can assist me in the field of academics in many ways. First, I can be able to read and write using diverse languages. Secondly, the language barrier cannot hinder me from joining any institution within my locality.




Cai, D. (2010). Intercultural communication. Los Angeles, Calif.: Sage.

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