Interest Group Assignment

Community college students face many challenges that may hinder their academic success. One of the essential issues among these learners is on completion rates. This is a crucial matter since the purpose of joining school is to complete a course. As a result, it can help the student to secure a bright future by getting a job that will enable him or her to earn a living. Though, the accomplishment levels are still low within the nation. Estimates indicate that half of the individuals who enroll in public institution do not complete their studies. This state of affairs should be rectified if the country intends to develop in the future. Therefore, the school dropout rates should be decreased to the minimum acceptable levels.

The government should initiate programs that are aimed to sensitize people on the importance of completing their studies. This can influence them to take educational matters seriously. Thus, this may significantly help them to succeed in their studies. The state should reach out at the communal and collaborate with them to decrease the graduate failure rates. Liaising with the society will help in determining the causes of this problem and how to reduce it in the future (Ginsberg et, .al, 44). Another approach of dealing with the issue is holding the stakeholders in the industry accountable for the low graduation rates. Some of the people that should be questioned in this case are parents and tutors. It will make them careful in future periods to ensure that such incidents do not happen again. The national government can also provide learners with multiple ways of qualifying. For instance, some apprentices should be allowed to take regular programs while others can study during the evening hours. It will give students who have family responsibilities a chance to continue with their studies.

The arms of the state have a role of ensuring that school dropout decrease within the nation. Some of the state organs I will target include the executive and the legislature. This is because the former implements national policies in various sectors. Besides, parliament makes laws that can assist in streamlining the education sector. For instance, it can establish a fund that can help to pay school fees for needy students. I can influence the state officials I have chosen to targetis through lobbying. In this case, I can use the civil rights activists to push some of my agendas to the executive. Therefore, some of these matters may be addressed hence, improving the education standards in the country. Another method is by using elected representatives like members of parliament to speak about these issues in the house. They can also make laws that can benefit the majority of the students.

A collective good is an item that is used by several people. The user of the product does not prevent others from benefiting. Public authorities usually produce these goods. Some of them comprise of defense, public lights and official statistics (SMITH, 62). Every individual is entitled to enjoy the products regardless of their status in society.

Moreover, they are funded from the public coffers and the public pay taxes to get these services. Finally, the citizens do not compete for these items because everyone has a right to enjoy them. Besides, a free rider problem occurs when individuals take advantage and use a public good without paying for it. It is a common phenomenon among individuals who do not pay their taxes. The challenge can be solved through regular inspections and encouraging people to pay their taxes promptly. Alternatively, those who evade taxes should be punished by being instructed to pay fines. Finally, I can influence people to join my group by explaining to them the differences between our team and others.


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