Interest Groups

An interest group or a pressure group or sometimes called a lobby group is an organized group of persons that tries to influence the leadership of a country or essentially the government to adopt or drop certain measures and policies. Interest groups strongly support their cause. They could be environmentalists, human rights activists or even policy advocates (Gilens and Page, 2014). Here is a group of leftist and rightist interest groups in the United States

Move on

This is a lobbyist group that fights for democracy and equality. It presses the political players and the authorities through the internet on matters of progressive change. The Move On family uses the power of technology to exert influence in a society where money is power (MoveOn.Org, 2015). Their main agenda is increasing democratic participation by lowering the barriers.

Media matters

It is a media watch dog that focuses on the issues of bias and misconstrued information in the American media. The nonprofit organization seems to bring sanity in the media by ensuring that reported information is true and any misinformation is corrected before it gets to the consumers. The group is thus able to monitor favoritism for certain politicians and political outfits hence condemn the acts.

Tides Foundation

                                                                                                                                                           TThe Tides foundation directs donor money to politically liberal channels. It strives for the social change of the people by partnering with innovators to solve social problems. A group like Tides keeps the people off the political mood by fostering change in a way that evaded political intrusion.

Weather underground

This leftist group was founded on the basis of opposition to the Vietnam War and proposition for black power. Their political influence is based in their imperialist and Marxist ideologies that they tried to exert.

Center for American Progress

This is a public policy advocacy institute that is nonpartisan. The main aim of this group is based on progressivism through string leadership, bold ideas and Americans lives improvement in concerted action. Through their policy ideas, they influence media coverage and make the course for national debate.

Organizing for America

This was a group founded to mobilize people in support of the policies of President Obama, particularly the health care reform. The group changed to Organizing for Action after Obama’s second term victory and their main agenda revolves around the policy issues of the president.

Media Research Center

This is a politically conservative organization that is analytical of the media content in a bid to foster balance. Their main agenda as a media watchdog is neutralizing the propaganda agenda. They neutralize left wing bias in the national news media. This is a role that may be very successful in frustrating politicians with self interests.

Freedom Works

This is a libertarian advocacy group. The group is politically active and supports the ideals of the conservatives. The group endorses candidates who share the ideals of less governments and economic freedom coupled with fewer taxes. This could count as a right wing political faction with vested interests that they seek to achieve.

Heritage Foundation

This is also a right wing interest group that is established on the ideals of limited government, free enterprise, economic freedom, conservancy and strong national defense. The group formulates and promotes conservative policies from which they seek backing from the political clout in their favor.

Center for Self Governance

This interest group seeks to train citizens on matters of applied civics. It is founded on the belief of the capability of the people to self govern. CSG teaches political theories that equip the citizens with information and knowledge to deal with the witty of politics and actively participate in policy making and policy change.

Human Events

This has been a conservative voice of the Americans for a long time now. The group is founded on conservative ideologies. The group declares that it is not impartial. It was the favorite of President Reagan who is known to have been the best carrier of the conservative voice. Up until now, conservatives turn to this group’s news publication for the conservative voice.

National Review

This is also a conservative politics commentator. The group’s main agenda is spread the news and culture of the conservatives without holding back. It could essentially be referred to as a propaganda tool for the sycophants of the conservative policies and ideologies. The push for a limited government and economic freedom leads the ideological spectrum.


There are sharp differences between leftists and rightists (Gilens and Page, 2014). They all stand in either impartiality or partiality of the political spectrum. The most intriguing are the right wing groups that show open advocacy for conservative policies. There are more right wing conservatives than left wing liberals. The presence of the Republican Party among the interest groups could be indicated with a higher index. This could probably interpret to a higher index of propaganda for the conservatives than the liberals.


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