International Business Machines Corp (IBM)

The International Business Machines Corp is a technology and consulting company based in New Yolk. The company operates all over the world and thus require many employees. For such a company several talent selection methods can be used to select employees. One of the methods is through the academic background. The company depends on technology and the employees require understanding technology to come up with a functioning computer requires some education background.

Another method is communication skills. In such a big company, there are many employees and communicating with them is important. For innovation communication and teamwork is important. In addition, the company offer consultancy services, which requires good communication skills. Another method would be through experience. The company requires innovative people. Innovation requires experience and experience is hard to come by (Collings & Mellahi, 2009).

Another method would be through integrity testing.  IBM ids a successful company due to the integrity maintained by the employees and the management. Thus, it would need people who have integrity. Computer skills would come in handy in such a company.

The process differs when looking for leadership and no leadership positions. A non-leadership position requires the right skills but a leadership position requires leadership and management skills. Anybody can be who he or she want to be but not everybody can be a leader.

It is better to recruit internally as opposed to externally. When a talent is recruited internally, it makes it easy to fit in the position given that an internal employee does not require to be integrated into the company (Snell & Bohlander, 2010). In addition, hiring internally gives the employer a chance to have a first experience with the employee before hiring.


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