International Human Resource


International human resource management has been an important topic in the modern complex and dynamic global environment. The increased globalization and mobility of labor has brought about essential aspects crucial in the management of labor.  Human resource leaders, consultants, and academics have found it challenging to deal with these emerging issues. Human resource managers have to deal with these issues with the best possible ways that will ensure that the employees’ morale and productivity is not compromised (Varma, Budhwar & DeNisi, 2008).  On the other hand, employees have an obligation of ensuring that they are in agreement with the provisions of the general rules and regulations involved in labor markets.

The concept becomes more important in instances where employees are forced to leave their home country and offer their services in a foreign country. For instance, in this paper, we will have a lengthy discussion on human resource concerns involved where an American female doctor decides to take her spouse in her work country (Rao, 2008). The female doctor works in a Turkish hospital and intends to take her husband for a two-year tour. The paper will outline major issues such as the international relationships between the two countries, cultural differences, treaties and other possible laws within the host country. The paper will provide insights to the lady on how to make a successful transition.


The paper will be in a form of a research that will try to uncover several human resource issues.  This implies that extensive reading, especially from primary sources, will be fundamental in this process. Books, journals, magazines and other relevant sources on this topic will be highly appreciated in the research process. DeVry online library will be a great source of this information since most of the primary sources will be readily available. Additionally, workplace documents will also be a critical source of the culture and working relationships within the hospital. Other professional journals from online sources will also provide essential information that could help the female doctor in the transition process (Stahl, Björkman & Morris, 2012).  The sources are expected to offer essential HR information that will guide this doctor in her practice.


As aforementioned, the main focus of this paper is to address possible human resource concerns involved in the international working experience. The case involves an American woman working in a Turkish hospital and intends to bring along her husband for a two year trip in her work country. This transition is an involving process, and there are several areas of concern that the lady needs to be aware. For instance, the lady must be conversant with the culture, laws and treaties between the two countries (Rao, 2008). The paper will also focus on the working procedures, rules and regulations that govern international labor. It will also be paramount for the lady to understand the rules of the hospital and make necessary arrangements for a smooth transition.

Literature review

International human resource management has become an important topic in the recent past due to the gradual increase in interest in international business and labor mobility. Rapid growth in globalization and competitiveness in the labor industry has necessitated development in this topic. Effective human resource management has always remained a key factor for successful business operations (Rowley & Warner, 2013). International exposure remains a critical aspect of the provision of world class services. Competence and context specific knowledge remains a significant success factor in any business organization. All this information remains critical to the management of the Turkish hospital. Cultural and economic diversities should not at any point be a hindrance to the successful international labor mobility. Failure of international cohesion is costly both in human and financial terms and it is, therefore, paramount for the host country to be more vigilant on this front.

US relations with Turkey will be a major area of concern for our couple. From previous researches, It is clear that most of Turkish foreign and domestic issues have great relevance to those of the United States.  The Congress plays a significant role in ensuring that the relations between the two countries are at the expected levels. Despite most of the values and interests between the two countries being similar, there are also notable challenges experienced in the harmonization of their priorities and actions (Rowley & Warner, 2013). It is, however, wise noting that the two countries labor relations are up to standards, and free mobility of labor is guaranteed.

Turkey is also known to have a culture that values family ties. Family traditions in Turkey both in life and business take a center stage.  This implies that the hospital in which the female is working would embrace the idea of the family staying together. Turkey is known to embrace both European and Middle East traditions thus making the life of the couple comfortable (Rao, 2008). Business etiquette remains a strong business value to Turkish business and thus the couple must always s ensure that the transition process does not affect the business in any way. Most businesses in Turkey are family owned, and there are also high chances that this hospital where our female doctor works are also family owned. This gives her a chance to negotiate the impending arrival of her husband from the U.S.

Just as is the case in other countries, courtesy and respect for etiquette in business is of paramount importance in Turkey. On this note, good personal relationship based on trust and mutual respect is of great significance in promoting Turkish business. Turks have the tendency of showing openness and readiness for friendship with foreigners.  This will be of paramount importance for the hospital and also in the side of the employee (Stahl, Björkman & Morris, 2012). The employer-employee relationship in Turkey is always a friendly one and which is result oriented. Motivation to the employees is also a business trademark in most businesses in Turkey.

Turkish authority also has great value for the foreign direct investment. According to them, this offers a great opportunity for economic development and prosperity of the country. Among all the OECD members, Turkey is known to have the most liberal legal regimes for foreign direct investment. This may be to a great advantage to the couple since the Turkish authority may view it as a great opportunity for foreign direct investment.


The research paper could be of great importance to the employee and also to the management of the hospital where the female doctor is working. Though the lady may view this as an opportunity for strengthening the family ties, it is also a chance for the family to exploit their economic potential. The expected tour may be a turning point in their financial breakthrough as the husband may take this opportunity to make massive investments.  It will also give them a chance to learn different culture from the people of Turkey (Rao, 2008). This exposure will be of paramount importance in improving the career of the female doctor thus making her even more productive.

On the other hand, the management of the hospital will also have a lot to learn from this research. For instance, the hospital will learn the importance of nurturing international talent. Essential human resource practices have also been discussed in the analysis. Maintaining motivated staff in an organization remains one of the most important aspects of human resource management. With this in mind, the organization has the obligation of ensuring that the hospitals staffs are always motivated. By enabling a smooth transition, the employee’s motivation will be a notch higher. The success of the hospital will be mainly determined by the level of motivation from the employees. The presence of family ties will be an important source of motivation.


The research forms an important reference point for the employee and the employer. Despite the few differences between the U.S Turkey relations, the two countries allow free labor mobility. This gives citizens of the two countries to enjoy the cultural diversity between the two countries. The research will help the organization to realize the full potential of its human capital. Maintaining a good working relationship between the management and the employee will be instrumental in ensuring maximum employee utilization. Empowering employees’ capability is an important aspect of human resource management, and the organization should always strive to ensure its employee’s desires are adequately met (Rowley & Warner, 2013). Adopting the findings of this research will improve the productivity of the female doctor and consequently the overall output in the hospital.



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