International Human Rights

Drawing references from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights it states that all humankind irrespective of their differences have the right to freedom and no one should be held in slavery or servitude, slavery in all of its forms should be eliminated. Servitude is an institute where civil liberties are continually dishonored. The brutal treatment slaves bore rents the sole purpose of the universal declaration. According to the international civil right body, slavery should be abolished.

In the book, Slavery and social death, Patterson describes captivity as one of the most severe forms of the association of domination (1). He further claims that slavery approaches the limits of authority from the perspective of the leader and of total powerless from the viewpoint of the slave. Slavery exhibited some internal and external impacts concerning the way society view slaves as well as the changing attitudes about themselves. The author shows how the captives are captured from the battle and spared from death and created to be slaves. Their identities are changed through practices like changing their names, being branded, given specific dress code then later are castrated as well as their heads shaved (Patterson 11). The acts postulated by the author alienate the captives from their former individualities plus signified their loss of sovereignty and control as well as their complete enslavement on their master’s willpower.

International human rights law suggest that all people should be free from tyranny and oppression. In the book, the author shows how masters had power to abuse slaves’ right which directly violate international law that ratifies human treaties. The body ensures that slaves’ domestic rights are compatible with international legislation.


Work Cited

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