Interview Reflection

Interview Reflection

I (Jane Doe) got to interview Chief Aragon, the Lead Petty Officer of Hadnot Point Medical Clinic. To start us off, I query on what got him interested in this line of work. He responded that the patriotism in him pushed him to a great extent to join the Marines. He points out that there is excellent content in serving the Nation (US) and its bid to keep peace across the world while still securing its citizens. On the job as a Lead Chief Petty Officer, Chief Aragon brings to light his experience in accountancy. He attributed his venture into accountancy to the fact that his parent used to teach him on the importance of managing finances during his early life.

He is quick to point out that his inspiration comes from being able to fulfill his duties both as the Lead Chief Petty Officer and working as a Marine. The fact that when he performs his job and another person does their job; say the physician at the clinic; to positively impact on each who seeks service at the facility was entirely satisfactory.

I got to ask on his thoughts on what makes him successful in his career. He responded that he has been privileged to work alongside dedicated service men and women. Besides, he appreciates the support from his superiors throughout his career who have never hesitated to give him words of wisdom for personal growth. Furthermore, he was grateful for the kind of upbringing his parents gave him as it laid a good foundation for his career.

Since Chief Aragon seems to have lots of positives going on his life, the next inquiry was to know his regrets if any. He chuckled and gave a candid response. He replied that in this life one could not achieve everything they desire. He pictured himself in his early twenties and the ambitions he had and quickly pointed out that with age one becomes more realistic. His comparison was that one’s younger self envisions unrealistic targets fueled by success hunger that comes with a young mind. To those beginning their careers, he advised the need to be patient and consult widely from experts in the field as this will guide them in setting their target

I inquired from him on what skills and traits are necessary for one to succeed in his industry. He denoted that one has to be honest for a person aiming the Lead Petty Officer post. Having a keen eye was another trait he associated with due to the sensitivity of the information in having a good financial record and accountability. Chief Aragon added that proper documents makes one work easier and enhances their credibility which translates to promotion or other rewards and bonuses. He pointed out that dishonesty in the industry was in pursuit of quick wealth which always resulted in the culprits incurring heavy fines and losing their jobs in extreme cases.

I questioned him on his future plans, and he asserts that he intended to lecture in the university after attaining his doctorate and upon retiring from his current profession. He reiterated on the need and his belief in sharing knowledge to better the lives of others. Regarding the future of his industry, Chief Aragon laid it out clearly that he has set the bar for his successor who he believes will be up to the task. Chief Aragon insisted that he has cultured and nurtured those under his wings thus thinks the future is secure.