Interview with a Teacher

Interview with a Teacher

Overview of the Teachers

The teachers that participated in this interview are from Green Tree East Elementary School. The special education teacher is Laura Foster. She has been in this institution for the last four years. The general education teacher, on the other hand, is Joseph Anderson. He is a fourth-grade teacher at Green Tree East Elementary School. He has been here since he graduated from college six years ago. Betty Edwards works in the school under the capacity of the school psychologist. She is currently in her fifth year in the institution.

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Question 1: Differences in Training and Consultative Focus

The special education teacher asserts that she received varied forms of training while in school. Her form of training concentrated with the adaptation of an environment with students suffering from disability. Laura’s training focused on classroom management, positive behavior support and special education law. The training involved her being subjected in environments that she would probably find herself when she started her career. All the tools that would be relevant were availed for familiarization purposes. This included lesson planning and curriculum.

Joseph postulates that he did not receive any form of training with regards to special education. His training while in college focused on the general education perspective. He asserts that “everything that I know about special education, I have come to learn by myself through the interaction with students and other staff members.”

The school psychologist says that she has been trained to deal with both general and special education students. Sh

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