Inventory Management

  1. Based on your research, explain whether or not you believe ERP and MRP are the only resource planning processes applicable to manufactured processes?

Based on my research, I believe that ERP and MRP are not the only resource planning processes that are applicable to manufactured processes. Therefore, all the resource-planning processes are applicable to the manufacturing process. Capacity Requirement Planning (CRP) is used by the organization to determine the production capacity available of the company. The organization uses the approach to meets its production expectations (Mahadevan, 2009). Supply Chain Management (SCM) refers to the management approach that entails planning and controlling the movement of materials from the suppliers or manufacturers through the respective distribution channels to the consumers or end users (Ross, 1998). The decision to use or not to use certain resource planning processes depends on the organization. The types of services the company offers will determine the appropriate strategy to employ.

  1. Can either ERP or MRP be used for service industries or can they only be used for manufacturing organizations?

ERP has been designed to suit any enterprise.  For instance, the healthcare, manufacturing, retail, pharmacy and Information Technology (IT) sectors use ERP. A person working as Oracle or PeopleSoft ERP consultant can help clients in those sectors. On the same note, the various product suites in the Enterprise Resource Planning include CRM, Human Resources, Supply Chain and Accounting. It is important to design the software properly to give valuable information that will help the business to run efficiently.

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