Is Abortion Right or Wrong?

The discussion on whether abortion is right or wrong continues to divide American years after the Supreme Court decision that declared the procedure to be a fundamental right in 1973 in the Roe versus Wade case. The pro-life stand states that abortion is wrong based on moral and religious perspectives. It is believed that human life starts at fertilization terming the procedure as being unethical and illegal. Abortion causes feelings of guilt to the mother and causes the unborn child suffering. It is also unfair to the couples that experience difficulties in conception that are willing to adopt unwanted babies. Abortion should be prohibited as it is considered as murder and causes the unborn baby harm while putting the life of the mother at risk.

Murder is one of the worst crimes perpetrated against human beings, and it is punishable by law. Abortion is considered to be murder as they are human even though they are not born. The US government views unborn babies as being human. The Unborn Victims of Violence Act was introduced to protect unborn children from murder and assault. According to the law, the intentional killing of an unborn child is punishable as it is perceived as killing a human being. Further, the legislation is taken to be a member of the human race. Thirty-eight states in the US have clear fetal homicide laws.

Pro-life advocates state that life starts at conception which means that the unborn have a right to life. After fertilization, an individual with a distinctive genetic identity is created which remains the same during their lifespan. The law asserts that all individuals have the right to life that must be adhered to at all times. Consequently, abortion is viewed to be morally wrong in the conservative societies that assert that life starts at conception. Further, it is believed that the bond between the mother and the unborn child develops demonstrating that fetuses have feelings meaning that they are human that deserve the chance to live.

Research has indicated that unborn children experience pain during the abortion procedure. As previously mentioned, unborn children are viewed as being human beings whose life should be preserved, and they should be protected from suffering. The spinal reflex develops at eight weeks in the gestation period, and this makes the unborn children human. Additional research has indicated that fetuses experience pain starting from the first trimester which explains that they should be protected by stopping abortion. Mothers have the responsibility to protect their children from pain starting from conception. On the other hand, society and state should come up with regulations that ensure the protection of unborn children.

Various religious perspectives assert that abortion is wrong as it goes against human rights and involves the destruction of the gift of life that is given by God. The Christian stand on abortion is stipulated in the Bible. It acknowledges that human life starts in the womb and this means that abortion is equivalent to killing. Further, the Bible in the Ten Commandments stipulates that murder is against the will of God. Abortion is also prohibited in Buddhism as it is perceived to be the intentional destruction of human life. The Hindu religion equates abortion to the wrong of murdering one’s parent. The major faiths criticize abortion as immoral and an interference with the sanctity of human life.

Abortion in the US is justified by the Supreme Court ruling that was made in the Roe versus Wade case. The binding concept that has been applied over the years as it contravenes the right to life. The precedent should be reconsidered in light of the changes that have taken place in society over the years such as the improved advocacy for the rights of the minority. Abortion is not a private affair that should be left to individuals as it affects society in terms of morality and equality for all. The fourteenth amendment asserts that states should not impede individuals’ right to life as well as liberty. Judging from this, the Supreme Court was wrong in Roe versus Wade as it means that the unborn are not taken to be ‘persons.’

Women are adversely affected by abortion and should use safe methods such as contraception to avoid it. It has been found that young women that undertake abortion are likely to suffer from depression. As previously mentioned, a strong bond exists between the mother and child, and they are likely to experience loss upon the termination of life. Abortion also promotes irresponsible parenting as both the mother and father fail to take responsibility for their children.

Abortion should be banned in the US and different parts of the globe as it goes against fundamental human rights and established ethical and religious standards. Instead, women that are not ready to become mothers are advised to use prevention methods such as contraception. If this fails, they can place the children up for adoption as there are families that are willing to adopt them. Abortion should be prohibited as it promotes the sanctity of life, morality in society and promotes the well-being of the mother and unborn child.







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