You bought an iPhone like two years ago, and the skin suddenly breaks, water spills on it or even the battery dies only to realize that the warranty is long expired. The big question comes to your mind, where do you take the phone for repair. Do you trust an independent repair shop or do you make it to the Apple dealers for fixing? The main factors to consider while answering this question would be; the cost of fixing, the time taken to repair and also the quality of the part to be fixed. With the increased number of counterfeit products in the market, it’s a tough call to vouch for whether an unauthorized dealer would have the original parts and also follow the right procedure.

According to Mr. Kundan Josh CEO of the APPLAB in Toronto, there are downsides to Apple store repair. There is a possibility of not getting an appointment when you need it or sometimes waiting on the queue can take too long. Getting an Apple store like to repair your iPhone, you must have booked online. The phones can either be sent back to Apple for repair or can be sent in by an Apple authorized dealer like The UK’s iParts 4U. The turnaround time after a phone has been mailed to Apple can be weeks. Their average finish time is around five business days.

Independent shops are much faster and cheaper compared to the Apple store. When prices are notably lower than those of the original product, it is either that the cheap parts will be very problematic or there is carelessness on the labor part. Doing thorough market research for the non-Apple dealer would be a great idea so that one does not fall for counterfeit products. A third party repair on an iPhone nullifies the most existing warranties for apple. This is because Apple doesn’t support the use of independent shops to repair any of their devices. The brand believes in Apple-certified repair technicians who are experts, trained to use only the genuine parts. One of the significant difference between these two methods of repairs is that, With Apple, all data is erased before repairing whereas independent shops do not.


To have the phone repaired by the independent dealers, in my opinion, would be beneficial to satisfy the urgent need for fixing the phone. Apple stores repair services are of high quality compared to that of independent dealers but in as much one would want to have a repair done at Apple stores, many barriers hold that decision like; lead time, cost and reliability. However, it can be hard for someone to wait for weeks to have a phone fixed whereas there is an affordable alternative which is readily available with almost similar results. Since Apple is against using third-party dealers, it’s up to them to improve on their repair services so that they can easily beat the black market. Whichever decision one may take, it is always advisable to do a thorough background check of the dealers you are about to trust your with your phone.


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