Is world peace possible?

It is not possible to attain world peace for various reasons. First, the very factors that fuelled the war in the past are still present and unresolved in modern society. War emerges due to multiple reasons such as selfishness among leaders, inadequate resources, poor leadership, lack of tolerance and social injustices among others (Lickerman, 2010).  Today, many countries have mitigated the causes of war by establishing democratic governments, reliable judicial systems and allowing freedom of speech and adhering. However, some countries, especially in the Third World Countries, lack reliable systems that can address political and socials that arise. As a result, people in these countries opt for war as a way of making their voices heard. As long as these countries have not established reliable mechanisms of resolving their problems, world peace will never be attained since people don’t have another alternative of fixing issues. Second, the rate of intolerance has risen with the increase of globalization. Today, people are bound to interact with individuals from other cultures on a daily basis. However, the levels of intolerance are very high. People view those from another culture as strange, primitive and dangerous. This sought of discrimination creates an atmosphere of hostility that facilitates war. For instance, one of the major issues facing the world today is terrorism which is mainly caused by religious intolerance. Therefore, world peace is impossible to attain since people are not ready to embrace the virtue of tolerance in an era where intercultural interactions are inevitable. Lastly, accomplishing world peace would require people to change the prejudice, stereotypes, and ethnocentricism that they have acquired over time. Unfortunately, this change is almost impossible given that these vices were acquired from a young age as one was growing up in their culture. Rectifying them during adulthood is difficult. Therefore, these vices will remain, and they will facilitate animosity to some extent.


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