Israel and Australia pursue continued business operation

Israel and Australia pursue continued business operation


The article explains that economy ministers from Australia and Israel signed a covenant between the two nations. The primary objective of the agreement was to accelerate entrepreneurial cooperation and business. The step could assist in boosting the economies of these nations in the future.

Additionally, the cooperation between Australia and Israel could also assist in creating employment opportunities for its people. Moreover, it could also boost the trading ties between these countries. Israel should preserve its position in global innovation by investing more resources in technical creativity and human development. The two issues are important in business because technology keeps on advancing. Besides, human resource is also needed for the production process to take place. Moreover, the ministry of economy signed a framework on how to develop an innovation forum between the two countries. This is one of the ways that these nations could share new ideas on various issues.


The background information is vital to comprehend the matters fully. In this case, it gives the reader an insight into the whole topic being discussed. As a result, someone can easily predict what he expects in the entire script. Additionally, this information creates a link between the questions being asked and the topic. Therefore, it enables the reader to understand the subject under discussion well. The data can also assist to develop the theme with the scratch. This allows the audience to comprehend what is being discussed quickly. Finally, this information can help to identify the weaknesses of the topic and how to improve it.


This article shows an association with Israel and the Middle East because both regions are currently going global in business. It is the reason why Middle East nations formed the United Arab Emirates trading block. Going global will also assist Israel to find a market for their products in the international market. However, Australia will as well benefit from this symbiotic relationship. For instance, their citizens might have a chance to work in Israel. I agree with the writer of this journal because of several reasons. First, it is essential for the two nations to cooperate in business to improve their economies. Entrepreneurship can create opportunities for many people who live in Israel and Australia. Additionally, the author emphasizes the importance of investing in human resource and innovation in business.

One of the misconceptions in this article is that the two nations cannot breach their covenant. This is not always true, and sometimes agreements might not be respected. Moreover, there is a fallacy that Australia and Israel can only cooperate on trade matters only. However, they might assist each other on other issues such as maintaining peace. This article is argumentative because one can be discussed from different points of view depending on the understanding of the audience. The editorial is an excellent advocacy source as it encourages nations to work together for the benefit of their citizens.



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