Issues That Unified and Divided Colonists during the Revolution

Issues That Unified and Divided Colonists during the Revolution


In the 18th century, NorthAmericanRevolution colonialists agreed that Britain should retain the northern American territory as its protectorate(Lee & In Dieterich, 2018). However, King George III and the British parliament disagreed on the imposition of taxes that were considered to be oppressive. During the Revolution, some issues unified and divided the colonialists.


The unifying element among colonialists during the American revolution was the view that there was a need to defeat rebellious elements. Colonialists felt that the Northern American territory was a strategic resource for them which required to protection at all costs (Lee & In Dieterich, 2018). It is for this reason that the parliament in Britain and KingGeorgeimplemented several solutions to eliminate conflicts and all forms of rebellion(Lee & In Dieterich, 2018). The colonialists also agreed that there was a need for the British army in the Northern American territory to enforce law and order to safeguard it as a colony.

On the other hand, colonialists disagreed on legislation that was passed by KingGeorgeIII. Some of the bills that were opposed by parliament included the Quartering Act, the Stamp Act, the Sugar Act, the Declaratory Act, and the Tea Act (Lee & In Dieterich, 2018). Many members of the British Parliament felt that the imposition of these policies was unjust and unnecessary since it constituted in oppressive policies (Lee & In Dieterich, 2018). Parliament argued that the imposition of high taxes on Northern American residents was likely to create resistance thereby making it difficult for the British to retain the region as a colony.


The unifying elements between the colonialists were fuelled by they need to retain the northern American territory as their colony. However, disagreements arose as colonialists debated the abuse of power by the British monarchy due to the imposition of high taxes.




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