An Itinerary to Experience the Gannet, Rainforest Ecosystem and Kiwi Canyoning Adventure

An Itinerary to Experience the Gannet, Rainforest Ecosystem and Kiwi Canyoning Adventure

This itinerary is meant for cruising around Auckland to experience the Kiwi canyoning adventure and the Gannet and rainforest ecosystem. This means that several areas will be visited including Muriwai, Waitakere Ranges, and Kauri among others.  The cruise ship to be used for this itinerary will be the Pacific Pearl since it passes through these shore tours. The first destination will be a tour to experience the Gannet and rainforest ecosystem followed by a tour for a Kiwi Canyoning adventure. The Gannet and Rainforest tour gives the cruisers an opportunity to view how New Zealand used to be back in the days by visiting the ancient rainforest and black sand beaches. There will also be an opportunity of viewing the world’s largest birds while in their natural habitat. Other activities sandwiched within. With the second destination, cruisers will have the opportunity of experiencing showering waterfalls, jumps, caves sculptured gorges, underground streams among others.

Visiting these destinations has been triggered by several factors. Among them is passenger input.  Most of the individuals that have been cruising through these destinations have had positive feedbacks regarding the whole experience. It is apparent that they provide cruisers with a lot of things to enjoy and talk about later. It is a small distance that will be traveled, but the whole experience is expected to be overwhelming to the cruisers. Another motivation for this itinerary is the routes available have cruise ships that frequent them. This means that the arrangement will be easier since the infrastructure already exists. The destinations also suit the range of individuals that will be involved for the cruise. They have all the features to cater for a good family experience, knowledge acquisition for the students and an overwhelming experience for the hardcore travelers.

Auckland has been chosen as the port of call due to the proximity that it has to the destinations of tour. This will ensure that minimum time is taken hence many people will have the opportunity of cruising. In New Zealand, ports of Auckland support the cruise industry by providing marine, logistics and berthage services at Waitemata Harbour.  Logistics involved here include cruise call, passenger processing, working with tourism providers, shipping agents, hospitality, and customs among others.   Auckland has developed to being a vital exchange port where people commence and end their cruises. This in return has helped in the economic growth of the city since some of the passengers stay around for several days (Ports of Auckland, 2013).

The itinerary is composed of four days starting from the time travelers will leave the port up to the time when they will come back.

Day One

The cruisers will arrive at the port in the morning before 9.00 am. From there, they will be directed on the way forward whereby they will be shown where to assemble by the relevant staff members. There will not be any travel arrangements made for people to bring them to the port. Individuals are expected to use their own means. Provision of the relevant tickets will lead to individuals being allowed in to the ship. There breakfast will be served, and there will be a variety of options for people to choose from. Around 10.00 am, everyone is expected to have finished their breakfast, and the cruise will commence.

The first destination will be a tour to experience the Gannet and rainforest ecosystem. The first visit will be to the cliff tops that interlock with the Tasman Sea. Here individuals will have the opportunity of viewing gannets that dwell in the ocean. This is among the few nesting sites on the mainland all over the world. The experience will be fascinating since these birds have a wingspan that can go up to two meters. It also has the ability of attaining a speed of 140km/h while diving for food (P&O Cruises, 2015).  This will be followed by a visit to Muriwai. It entails black sand beaches that are very popular in Auckland. The cruisers are encouraged to wear shoes that are comfortable for this experience; preferably flat-soled. Having bottled water and sunscreen will also come in handy. While at Muriwai, people will be provided with various refreshments.

The last destination of the day will be at Cascades Kauri Park Reserve. Here you will have the opportunity of seeing different species of trees and gaining some knowledge about them. As evening approaches, people will have supper after which there is expected to be camping. Various instructions will be provided on how this will go down, and all the necessary equipments will be availed.

Day Two

Everyone is expected to be back on the ship before 9.00 am. Thereafter, breakfast will be served until 10.00 am. This will kick-start the second day of cruising whereby there will be the expectation of experiencing the kiwi canyoning adventure. The first destination will be visiting Kauri Logging Dam. This will be followed by the Piha surf beach, and then people will have the opportunity of seeing an environment of palms, mosses and ferns. In this region, cruisers will also have the opportunity of experiencing other features like showering waterfalls, jumps, caves sculptured gorges, underground streams among others.

The last destination for the day will be at the Waitakere Ranges. The ranges consist of a sub-tropical rainforest that is over a volcanic rock. This is the region that provides the cruisers with the scenery for the Kiwi canyoning adventure. This adventure will not be for everyone since it has some requirements. Individuals involved should be reasonably fit. One should have a minimum height of 140 cm, and the weight to range between 35kg to 120kg (P&O Cruises, 2015). All the specialist equipments required for this adventure will be provided. Individuals with the relevant expertise on the whole process will also be at bay to help. Walking up the canyon will take an approximate 30 minutes up-hill walk, and approximately 1.5 hours of decent via a slippery stream bed. For those that will not be involved in the canyoning adventure due to various reasons, it will also be a fascinating experience to watch others.

At the evening everyone is expected to be back on the ship, and food will be served at the usual time.  People can mingle in various ways that they deem feet.

Day Three  

The third day will not involve visiting any areas. It will be spent on the ship, and will be like a fun day. Here, individuals will interact as they want in different ways. The activities that have been set up for this day are aimed at engaging every individual involved irrespective of their age and gender. There will be various games which are aimed at encouraging people to come together and mingle. This is the point where parents will have to be separated from their children. Various dances will be enhanced too. Different performances will also be expected to take place. All this activities will be conducted in a sequence in order to ensure that everyone gets the best out of what they enjoy most. The activities will run from morning till evening.

Day Four

Everyone will have their breakfast at the usual time. Now the tour is over. After breakfast we shall embark on a cruise back to the port where everyone will go their own way.




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