Jane Eyre

Jane was orphaned when she was still young. She was left at the care of her aunt Sarah Reed but she was viewed as an outsider in the reed family. Her cousins Georgiana, John and Eliza just tolerate her but never love her. John is always reminding her that she is an orphan who is depending on his mother. After a misunderstanding with John, Jane is sent to Lowood School, which is for orphan girls. The minister at this school mistreats them with the claim that he is teaching humility. Jane says, “Burned porridge is as bad as rotten potatoes” (Brontë, 1864).

Having grown up in such harsh environment, Jane is desperate to be independent and equal to the others. Just because she is, an orphan does not make her less. After six years in school, she becomes an effective teacher. She places an advertisement with the local newspaper and secures a job with Mrs. Fairfax of Thorn field. Jane is doing all this so that she can be independent. She is warmly welcomed at her new home and she likes her pupil Adele Valens. Jane manages to overcome her challenges through her passion to be independent. She is ready to undergo any temptations provided she will finally be recognized as equal to others (Roberts, 2011).

At Thornfield, Jane meets Edward Fairfax Rochester, who is the owner and in time falls in love with him. When Rochester decodes to marry Blanche, Jane opens up to her love for him. She cannot accept that Rochester want to marry another woman. She is also a woman and deserves to be married. However, Rochester is already married Bertha is looked up in the third floor. Though Rochester tries to convince Jane to get married to him, she sneaks at midnight and leaves with little money. She goes to whitcross and start searching for a job (Brontë, 2001). The fact that she begged for food in her early days in whitcross just shows how passionate she was to get a job and be independent.  Finally, Jane secures a humble job as a schoolmistress for the poor girls at the parish at Morton.

What keep Jane from what she wants in life are the many problems she had to undergo. She wanted to get married to Rochester but he was already married. She had to beg for food in Whitcross before she could get a job. She went through a rough time from child hood. However, at last she got married to her true love and was finally independent with her own family.



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