Jenner’s Case Analysis

Dr. Jenner situation is a classic case of a talented employee aware of his huge significance to the institution but has allowed pride to take the better part of him. As the Chief medical officer of the institution, my first step towards toning down his arrogance and unethical behavior would be to engage him and to get to know him on a personal level.  I would then try to focus on his positive attributes and show him that he cannot command respect from his peers by looking down on them. The other best way to deal with the Jenner situation is by pairing him with highly ethical peers. Although it is argued that peer pressure inspires antisocial behavior, it can also encourage good conduct. Therefore, by pairing Dr. Jenner with staff that can put up with his insolence and still maintain high moral conduct can go a long way in motivating him to behave ethically.

When making a decision, it is important first to get the fact right. It does not hurt to collect as much facts as possible to avoid cases of hasty decisions that may hurt the organization. Secondly, it is important to take into account one’s emotions while making a decision. Decisions that made out of emotions are often ineffective and counterproductive.  Thirdly, it is important to scrutinize the source of the information before rushing to make a decision. Some sources may be biased towards a particular issue or person and thus, may deliberately provide the wrong information to suit their selfish needs.

Emotion intelligence is specifically the ability to recognize one’s feeling and to realize that they can affect those around you. In Jenner situation, emotional intelligence may come in handy since it would help me avoid confrontation with the highly-esteemed doctor for his unethical behavior. Through emotional intelligence, I would first try to understand what drives his behavior. On a second note, emotional intelligence can also help inspire humility among the employees.  Moreover, I can help Dr. Jenner understand that his emotional state does affect those around him.


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