JFK’s Operation Management

JFK’s Operation Management

Executive Summary

This essay reports on what was done in research on the operations of John f. Kennedy international airport. The study involved investigating the volume, variety variation and variability of the activities carried on in the Airport; all these come to light in immediately after the introduction which gives oversight of the JFK. The type of operation that was found in JFK is explained together with the layout of the port. The five performance objectives including the cost, quality, flexibility, dependability, and speed were found the key, and thus they are well explained here. The writing includes a conclusion of what was found. The main thing that found the researcher is that the port has had delays in the performance. A recommendation was provided by the researcher, and the same is at the end of the paper. The recommendation includes putting up strategies for spreading the activities well throughout the day to avoid delays.


Operations in any institution need coordination for them to be the best. Different objectives must come out if the said firm aims at finding the favor in the eyes of the consumers of its goods and services. This essay will analyze the operations of John F. Kennedy International Airport. JFK is an aircraft operating company in the US. It is a busy company that encompasses over ninety airlines that serve the whole world. The operations hubs the American Airlines, Delta Airlines as well as JetBlue Airways.

Aerial view of JFK


The volume that the operations in this company do handle is approximately fifty-nine million. With this volume, the airline operations find favor in the growing economy of the world which make the life of different people all over the globe find an excellent reason to invest in such a company. With the increment of the volume, the company grows in a great magnitude leading to high chances of realizing much of profits since more people get transported daily. The fact that the airport is always busy sends a signal that even with enlargement of the volume the company cannot incur an unnecessary cost but instead incur normal costs that are worth stomaching; this translates to potentially high-profit gains.


The company operates in different facilities ranging from an airport hotel, information services and the like. The airport hotel serves the passengers as they await their flight to various destinations as well as when the alight from the plains. Notably, the workers in the port find it an excellent place to have nourishment in the hotel hence contributing to the profit margin of the operations. The money received from this channel is of great supplement to the income generated by the port management. The hotel is always healthily serving people hence ensuring intelligent life for the customers. The information services also create good money to the port managers. These services aim at reaching the customers from all corners by informing them of the schedules for the flights among other issues; this service is an excellent support to the smooth running of the operations since it brings about coordination of daily activities.


Variation refers to the deviations from the expected results. In this port, significant deviations are in the departure. It is expected that with increased runway the departure capacity should also increase, but unfortunately, this is not the case; the departure capacity has remained the same throughout. It thus causes a need to check out the reason for this variation. Other activities are also expected to go up in the operations following the trend in the increased runways. The hotel operations, for example, should have shown a positive response to the increment in runways but this does not bear fruits. The stagnation of the trend in hotel operations draws its source from the stagnated increase in the capacity of the passengers in the departure.


Variability is the ability of operations to keep changing over time. Variability in JFK mainly occurs due to weather changes which may bring in the issue of delays in the activities. It is worth noting that for a given day’s operations, the more the flights are spread for the day, the less the variability; this means that the delays would not be as many as it would be in case the flights are scheduled to take place without spreading them evenly in the day. The port operates under the problem of variability concerning the delays, and this is principal because the port is ever busy trying to maximize the number of flights per day.

Type of the operation

The JFK operates in a craft where John Kennedy’s primary agenda of coming up with the port was to enhance transport worldwide. The operation involves other small businesses which supplement the primary plan. Some of the small enterprises include road transport, hotels and communication services.


JFK is a world-class airport that embraces technology to the utmost level. The airport parking is an excellent one that supports the operations well out of its ability to encourage safety in the coordination of the activities. JFK has well-established airport tram and ground transport, and hence it fits in the current technology for the betterment of its operations. The airport uses the technology in ensuring that the communication to and among the passengers is made easy; this is to say that technology has made the communication services take a new dimension that supports speed in the message delivery. Different terminals are well placed to enhance smooth flight in an endeavor to serve the passengers agreeably. With land transport, shuttles improve connectivity making customers not to encounter difficulties as they reach or leave the airport. It is of importance to say that technology has helped the port to do marvelously in serving the citizens with high levels of satisfaction.


Through proper management shown in this airport, the costs that the port comes across do not impair the profitability. The charges are fairly reduced through different management policies like the use of modern technologies to enhance efficiency. Again the costs of land transport do not interfere with the performance since the port has put forth excellent layout for the same.


The well-established port has stood with world class services. The services like the hotel services and resort centers make it an excellent place to be for a rational traveler. The auxiliary services support the port maximumly making it a high quality producing institution. Life with JFK is made smart by high-quality services.

Flexibility, dependability, and speed

The three items seem to complement each other in ensuring the smooth running of the airport. The port’s schedules are not much fixed, and therefore the port can serve citizens from all over at any time. Multiple plains help ensure this. From the way the port enhances flexibility, the customers have become interested in the services offered hence depending much on the port. The speed with which the services get provided is excellent although sometimes delays may occur leading to a negation of speed.


The operations of the port are worth rewarding since it meets much of what is expected for a good flight firm. The communication is good as well as the auxiliary services like the hotels and resorts. The layout of the port is the best in achieving the goal of the operators since it helps in coordinating the activities very well.


The port should keep up operating in the same spirit to realize much better standards of operations. The management should strategize to spread the departure time evenly throughout the day. If the spread of the flights becomes well done, then no doubt the going concern of the port will never get compromised.