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Job applicants and employees generate a wide range of records that are retained by employers. Those documents are held in various format and stored in different ways. The law has always dictated that employers should keep their HR records. This area is governed by the Data Protection Act which stipulates mandatory retention durations for some of the common HR records. Some of the documents that attract long retention periods include P60s and P45s which call for a maximum of six years. Others interview notes, CVs, accident records, income tax details, and salaries paid, leaves granted, and health details among others. Failure to administer good record keeping practices exposes a firm to unforeseen liabilities.


Letter of Offer

Company name:

Name of employee:

Employees address detail:


Re: Contract of Employment

We are honored to offer you the position of warehouse manager with us here at XXX company limited. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy your tasks and make a critical contribution to the progress of this firm.

Commencement Date

You are requested to report to your duty post on 12th March 2019.


Your duty post is based at the firm’s headquarter. However, over time the firm’s management has the right to post you to any other, but you will be given reasonable notice in such an event.


You are hired in the position of a  warehouse manager, and you shall report directly to the regional warehouse director.


This is a contract position, and it will be renewed after three years. The firm’s board of directors hold the right to renew your contract.

Terms of Employment and Remuneration

Your salary will be £40,000 per year, but it could be increased or decreased by the board of directors. The review of your salary will be done annually under the guidance of our country’s labor law.

Leave Entitlement

You are entitled to a thirty days annual leave. You are entitled to parental leave as provided by the Fair Work Act.


In case you wish to terminate the contract you are required to give two months’ notice to your supervisor in writing.

Hours of work

You will work from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays only. Working on weekends will be optional.

Welcome and Acceptance

Yours sincerely,

Managers’ name and position

I, (insert Employee’s name here), accept all the stated terms and conditions of this contract.


Signed: ______________________________________________


Dated:  ________________________________________



Rejection Letter

Name of Applicant

Applicants address


Dear (Applicant Name

You are aware that we interviewed four candidates for the position of a warehouse manager. From those interviews, we determined that other candidates have more experience which is critically relevant to the needs of our job opening.

This letter is to inform you that you have not been selected for the position

Thank you for considering to apply for a job in this company. You are kindly advised to apply again in the future if we post a vacancy for which you meet the requirements




Question 4 and 5

Induction is the process or act of placing a person into a new position especially regarding employment. Employees’ induction programs vary among different companies. However, one of the core determiners of employees’ induction programs is the industry in which a firm operates. Some scholars view employees’ induction programs as a way of welcoming and supporting new workers attached to a certain company. However, some people view such programs as a waste of time and other resources. Such assumptions are detrimental to the warehouse manager hiring process which is both time-consuming and costly. Over time, scholarly evidence has proved that employees’ induction programs are a legal obligation and an essential last part attached to the hiring process.

An employees’ induction program should be designed to accommodate various factors. Firstly, it should introduce the new employees to all procedures and policies that are attached to a particular firm. This factor aid the employees to feel welcomed into the new organization. Hence, they tend to feel more comfortable and respected by their colleagues. Secondly, well-designed induction program should lay a foundation for the face-to-face introduction of key staff members to the new employees. Such a variable make the employees find it easy when integrating into the new workplace. Additionally, it is an essential element of facilitating the employees feel that they made the right decision by joining the firm in various capacities. That is because it helps in the establishment of good communication between supervisors and the new workers.

Thirdly, it should dictate the provision of a tour of the workplace especially pointing out on all essential facilities. This factor facilitates and aids the process of new workers building their self-esteem. Hence, they fit into the new workplace efficiently due to the morale and sense of motivation that they derive from such an induction process. Fourthly, it should ensure that the new employees are made aware of all the emergency and safety procedures relating to the company. Fifthly, a good induction program should give the new employees tips on how to undertake their daily tasks efficiently. Over time, this factor plays a critical role in ensuring a low turnover ratio in the organization. When an employee begins his or her career with the right mentoring and training process, they tend to get motivated. Hence, perform better than the workers that never had a chance to undergo an induction program.

In conclusion from the above analysis and explanation, it is evident that employees’ induction programs play a crucial role in the success of an organization. Therefore, it is recommendable that all firms in the modern corporate world should invest heavily in the institution a well-designed employees’ induction programs play. That is because it is one of the sure ways of ensuring the firm will achieve its goals both in the long-term and short-term.

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