Joint Commission

The joint commission is anon-profit foundation, which assesses other health care organizations to ensure quality well-being is provided to citizens to attain high-performance standards. Due to this, it has certified thousands of health-related organizations across the United States(Schyve, 2007). During the event of a disaster such as hurricanes and wildfires which are common in the United States, this commission has several ways of preparing itself against such disasters. It works closely with the law enforcement agencies to assist each other when calamity strikes to provide a quick response and quality services to the affected (Roberts et al., 1987). It also carries out drills occasionally to equip people on the fastest and safest way to react in cases of an emergency.

Moreover, Joint commission provides adequate security; for instance, during the event of an attack in a hospital, law enforcement will respond quickly due to their mutual ties hence no need to arm hospital staff nor scare the patients (Schyve, 2007). They conduct regular tours and inspections to health organizations and hospitals to identify challenges like congestions and come up with an effective way to ease the situation.

An occurrence of adversities may lead to trauma for most people. This affects most people mentally preventing them from carrying out their day to day activities. Without proper psychological assistance, this can become a long term menace(Roberts et al., 1987). The joint commission ensures victims recover by holding meetings to offer counsel, especially by leaders to create a sense of security and comfort. In case of rumors of a disaster happening, they hold meetings to provide information on the best way forward.

Since communication is a crucial aspect in maintaining a civilized society, they use differentannouncement lines for its staff, patients, media and public. They use the most effective method to relay information since it’s not everyone that uses the smartphones.




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