Journal #1: Paper Writing

Journal #1: Paper Writing

As I write, I start by outlining whatever type of paper I am to write. The outline includes the most important aspects of the paper. I outline the major points in the order I want them to appear in the paper.   There is always some uncertainty in me before I put that first sentence in the paper. However, the minute the first sentence is written, everything else is clear. Once the outline is done, I get in to writing the draft immediately.

I get into writing the draft. I start by writing an introduction of the paper.  I then get in to the main body. In the main body, I normally have a summary of the topic at hand, which I turn into an argument as I write. I do not just summarize the topic rather I bring in arguments that will help me prove my points. I prefer drafting very fast. I like keeping the ideas flowing as fast as I can write. This allows me to concentrate on the topic. I refer to the outline now and then when I get stuck. There is always a conclusion part summarizing the main idea in the paper.

Once done with drafting, I put the draft aside and relax for some time. This allows me to forget some of the things I was thinking about when drafting. I usually do not notice any mistake if I revise the draft immediately after writing it. I prefer taking some time off.

After some time I revise the draft correcting any grammatical and punctuation mistakes.  I re-read the paper for 2-4 times before I can be satisfied that it is okay. Once satisfied with the draft, I insert other important parts like the references and cover page.

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