Juvenile Offenders

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Research question

Why has there been an increase in juvenile child offenders?

Thesis statement: the main reason for the increased cases of juvenile delinquency in the society is because of the reduced control that the parents have on their children and the lack of care from the teachers and guidance.


The National Academic Press (2011). Read “Juvenile Crime, Juvenile Justice” at NAP.edu. Retrieved from https://www.nap.edu/read/9747/chapter/5




This non-scholarly source answer the question about the increased cases of non-juvenile offenders and the reasons why too many young adults are getting involved in criminal activities.  In this study, the research questions the role that is played by the parents and the people in charge of the children in the making up for young children. According to the authors, one of the causes of children lack respect and getting into crime is parental neglect and mistreatment from the child. As time goes by, the children are becoming part of the gangs that they should not be part of. Also, they are getting used to crimes that they should not get involved in. In raising the child, there is an involvement from the parents, the teachers and the parent have a massive role to play. These people contribute to the development of the child and the general behaviors. In a society where everyone is concerned with success and how o make more money than the others, the parents seem to lose the basic role that they should play in life. Such parents are making it difficult for their children to make the right decision as they do not have enough time for them.  By increasingly lacking the guidance, the children find themselves in groups that do not show them the right way. Such peers increase their chances of getting involved in juvenile activities. The parents have to pay close attention to the development of the children and try to find out what they want. This way, they can show them the right way.

This source is supporting the thesis that has been put by stating that the parents and teachers have a role to play in developing the children and reducing the cases of juvenile delinquency in society.  The lack of parental guidance and poor care is one of the reasons for increased juvenile delinquency. This research was published on this website to show the relevance of the findings that had been proposed by the researcher.  Becoming criminals is something that is developed through them, and the children can be guided by their parents or by the people in charge before they can get to be part of the proceeding in the law. The thesis statement,et contribute to further research on the development of the child, especially when implementing the law. It is necessary that the parent know their roles and the fact that they have massive issues and idea when it comes to the entire development of the child.  Without care and protection from them, the child is likely to get involved in crimes and other minor offenses.  Hence, developing the child should be a collectivbve responsibility to everyone who interacts with the child.

Source two

Research question: What are the influences that social media and media content have on the increased juvenile delinquency?

Thesis statement: social media and other media content increases the likelihood of the children getting involved in juvenile activities as they see their role models and actors living the virtual life that is not real.


Earles, K. A., Alexander, R., Johnson, M., Liverpool, J., & McGhee, M. (2002, September). Media influences on children and adolescents: Violence and sex. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2594155/



 The author of this content talks about the role that social media have played in the increased cases of juvenile delinquency. The young children are forming part of the social media communities where they are also addicted in, and they have the groups that are part of the increasing concern for many people.  The children that interact with the others through social media can access some of the rimes that are posted on the soal media, and they are fascinated by them. Because of the underdevelopment of the brain of these children, it is easier for them to be involved in the activities that appear to be interesting for them. The author gives an example of the expensive lifestyle that their role models have on the internet. Even though thee are not the rue lifestyle, the children are fascinated by them and are willing to be part of the activities that they are involved in. One of the ways of gaining this fame is through indulging in criminal activities. They talk about the crimes that they can use to gain the lifestyle of celebrities. The best method that the parents can use to keep in touch of what their children access is looking at their browsing history and making it common to access the phones of their children. This way, they can not hide anything from them. Through making it a habit of monitoring the progress in social media, the children will find it difficult to engage in inappropriate behaviors.

The author supports the thesis statement by maintaining that the key to having a society that ha well disciplined and well-behaved children are making sure that the children are controlled on the access of social media. The social media has been a key factor in deciding the behavior of the children especially those that re-exposed. For the children that belong to a certain group in social media, they can easily be influenced by their group members. The children have to be stopped from accessing unnecessary contents from social media. Aso, it is the role of the parents to guide the children. They have to tell them that the things that they see on social media are not true and they are part of the unreal lifestyle. That way, they can slow their wishes and look for the real things. In addition to this, it is important that access to social media is under supervision so that the issues that are accessed are not affecting the children.  In many cases, the children are advised by the parents about the websites or the safer social networks that are supposed to access. This can also help in limiting the number of offenses that come from social media

Source three

Research question: what is the role of television to juvenile delinquency?

Thesis statement:  uncontrolled access to television content by the children increases their likelihood of getting involved in the behaviors that they see on the television; the parents have a role to play in limiting the time that the children spend on the television and the contents that their children can access.


Earles, K. A., Alexander, R., Johnson, M., Liverpool, J., & McGhee, M. (2002, September). Media influences on children and adolescents: Violence and sex. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2594155/


The researcher focuses on the relationship between the increased time that the children spend on television to the actions of crimes by the same children. In many cases, the children are part of the family, and they have to access the activities that are seen by the children. If the parents are not careful with their children, they can access some of the most explicit and dangerous contents. For young parents who watch programs that involve sexual intercourse, they can have a massive destructive effect on the children who still need guidance and do not know how to control their feelings and emotions. As a result, the children have to guide in the programs that are watching. Research has also shown that there is an increasing number of young children who are below the ages of eighteen committing crimes such s rape to the younger girls. These are cases that re massively concerning society and should not be part of a successful society.  A society that has their children raping each other because of the influence that they get from the televisions cannot succeed as expected. The parents have to set the parental guides especially with the remotes that they have to present these cases. Television is also addictive, and it makes it difficult for children to concentrate on other productive activities. By regulating the number of hours that the children use to watch the television, they can find time to engage in useful activities. 

The article supports the thesis of the researcher because it agrees that lack of control from parents on what their children view on television have a massive influence n the children. The parents have to use the controls that are provided by the television manufacturers to prevent the children from accessing the programs that they are not supposed to access. If necessary, the children should not access programs that are not beneficial to them. The programs that the parents should avail to the should only be educational so that they are helped in their lives. The children are therefore left to make their own decisions. In most cases, these decisions are difficult for them because of undeveloped brains. Therefore, they cannot control their feelings. The inability to control themselves compels them to commit crimes that are deemed unnecessary in society. It is the role of the caretakes to ensure that they help the children to make the right decision and choose programs that are suitable to the children and can contribute to their development rather than having destructive programs.

Source 4

Research question:  what roles do the role models play in reducing juvenile delinquency?

Thesis statement: the increasing case of juvenile delinquency is contributed by the lack of role models in the society; who can guide the children through encouraging messages and improved lifestyle.


Blackman, L. (2017). “Society has a role in crime prevention.” Retrieved from http://www.yourcommonwealth.org/social-development/peace-building/__trashed/


 This work looks at the role of the role models in society. According to the author, the lack of role models in the society that can pass the positive and important messages to the children made it difficult for them to make the decisions.  In most cases, the children are left alone to make their decisions.  This is a weakness in the society where everyone I concerned with their activities and did not want to create time to encourage the vulnerable members of society.  In most cases, the children consume what they are told, and they are guided in the right direction by the most important member of society. However, if these members do not want to take time and visit the orphanages and give encouragements to the children, there is no one to look towards. It becomes difficult for the children to make their own decisions without = making a mistake. The society, therefore, needs many leaders who can step up and help the children.

The research supports the thesis of the researcher by claiming that one has had a massive role to play in shaping the thoughts of young children. When this does not happen, it becomes difficult for the children to make the decisions that are right in the community.  The role models have a massive role in the society, and they are the people that can improve the way the society view and value the children. Through improving on their message delivery, the role models can help with this problem of increasing juvenile delinquency. It is time for the most important members of the community, those that the people look towards to have time for the children to change the future of society. By communicating with them and telling them how they can achieve their dreams, it becomes easier for them to pave ways that are right. The right ways have to be achieved through a combined effort. Also, iot is important to note that these children are part of the community and without guiding them, they will come back and commit the crimes in the society. This source finds out the main causes of the increased cases of juvenile delinquency on the children who have undergone torture and abuse in their lives. The source claims that the abuse that the children get when they are young stays with them and lead to them becoming more rebellious in their lives. As they grow, they become accustomed to abuse and increased fighting. The abuse can be done by the parents or the guardians. The guides sometimes take advantage of the children who do not have their parents and abuse them without care. When this happens, the children are also likely to develop these abusive behaviors. When the children develop the behaviors, they assault the other children ans this is where the crime starts. The child also develops and grows into an abusive one, and one that despises the others just like the guidance is towards him. In school, such children develop to being bullies according to this source. Therefore, the role of the caregivers in juvenile delinquency is huge, especially when considering thathey have a role to play in shaping the abusive nature of the children.  When they develop into abusive adults, in turn, pass the assaults to their children and the problem extends to many generations.



Research question: What role does drug abuse play in juvenile delinquency?

Thesis statement: drug abuse and increased inducement in drugs by the young children increases their chances of getting involved in crimes as they lack control and they have less developed brains to make the right decisions.


National Institute on Drug Abuse. (n.d.). What are the unique treatment needs of juveniles in the criminal justice system? Retrieved from https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/principles-drug-abuse-treatment-criminal-justice-populations/what-are-unique-treatment-needs-juveniles-in-crimin


This researcher states that drug abuse has a major role to play in the increased cases of juvenile delinquency.  Drugs make people do things that they would not do when they are sober. In most cases, the drug users do the things that later on regret in life. In the use of children, the impact of the drugs is even increased because of the lack of development of the body and the brain. This study gives reference to the past studies that show that the students who get involved in drugs have fifty percent chances of getting involved in crimes more than those that do not use the drugs. Drug addiction can lead to some of the crimes that the parents cannot be supportive of. If the children cannot get the money to buy the drugs, they look for other means of finding the money to buy the drugs. In some cases, the children have to resolve to steal. The things that they steal are sometimes quite expensive. As time goes by, they get involved in bigger crimes like armed robbery and even killing for the sake of getting the money for the drugs.  In other cases, the children who are on drugs are also likely to perform other crimes such as rape. These are punishable crimes that may make the child suffer for the rest of their lives. Because the children are out of control from the consumption of drugs, they can easily kidnap the other young children and rape them. This can eve happen without them being conscious

The researcher gives the support of the researcher’s thesis by maintaining that drug abuse has led to many children committing crimes that are only done by the elderly. Even though there are no punishments like the adults, the juvenile delinquency has continued to remain an issue. The children who use the drugs are seriously making their parents worried especially is their children are involved in the crimes such as rape. In such cases, juvenile delinquency also makes the child an outcast in the community. It will not be easier for such a child to get the right education as many people fear of the crimes that he might commit in the school. In terms of getting involved in the armed robbery, they are also risking their lives as they can be shott at any time. Therefore, staying out of drug use is one of the ways of avoiding juvenile delinquency. The parents should warn their children about the use of drugs and make them become part of a successful society. The researcher supports the thesis about the children juvenile being a factor from the abuse and neglect from the parents. When the parents are involved in the development of the child, they should avoid the abuse as the impacts can be quite fatal. The researcher also makes references to the bullies in school wh are better from their homes and have developed the abusive nature from their caregivers. If they re the parents, they have to look at the development of their children.  The children also get into other activities that they should not be part of such as rape and theft. The bitterness that they hav from home is also extended towards others. They also lack the love for others and eventually develop into renounced criminals. There have been cases in the past where the abused children who do not have the love from their parents develop into serial killers. These are the cases that can be directly referenced when talking about the abuse from the parents. Avoiding the n  from the children is an important step towards achieving a better lifestyle by the children.