Kenry Beverage Company

Kenry Beverage Company is a company that is aimed at improving the health of people or providing diabetic people with a healthy beverage that will refresh their bodies without causing more harm to their health. The beverage industry is a very competitive industry and to stay in business requires robust business strategies and the right product.

Developing our product

After the introduction of our product in the market, we will collect feedback samples from our customers to build our product. Through the feedback, we will change the scope of our product according to our customers’ preferences but maintaining the healthy bit of our products. Through the feedback, we will also develop an idea of a high-quality product which is ready for our target market. Through perfecting our product, we will ultimately find success. This will also help us come up with a logo that will represent the spirit and personality of our product. We will even come up with bottling designs that will be accepted by our customers leading to the success of our company.

Researching and analyzing our market

It is fundamental that we keep on researching our market as we examine it to help us keep up with the competition in the industry. Our research will include the local market as per now, but as the company grows, we will keep on researching into other markets such as regional and international markets. By knowing other beverages being sold and produced at the local level, we will be able to come up with strategies that place us at a competitive advantage. It is always important to know what our business requires by comparing it to other brands in the market.

Excellent customer service by staff

It is essential to know how to keep your customers as it can make or break the company’s revenue. As Kenry Beverage Company it is non-negotiable that our staff need to keep customers satisfied with our services. Excellent customer service will keep our customers loyal to us. Through their referrals, we will also get more clients which will help our company grow and give us a significant position in the beverage industry. It is vital that employee know how to approach and handle customers to make them feel relevant and satisfy their needs. The customers are the people who decide on how well a company is doing.

Understanding our finances

Finance is not only necessary during the startup of a business operation but throughout the running of the business. Knowing your finances will help you plan for your product and the smooth running of your business. The knowledge of your funds will help you understand how many investors you need to bring on board for the success of the company. Too many investors might not be good for the business as all investors need the returns of the money they invested.