Kenry Beverages

Kenry beverages is a company based in New York, Unites States. Our company strives to offer quality products to our consumers that enhance their health. Our drinks are fresh nonalcoholic and refreshing. Kenry’s company mission is “a healthy drink for a healthier nation.” We are indeed concerned about the health and welfare of our consumers.

Target market

This drink is meant for people who are cautious in maintaining their skin as well as those who have health issues such as diabetes. There have been rising cases of lifestyle diseases for instance diabetes, and this also made me come up with such a smoothie since it’s a drink that can address all sort of groups, not just the healthy ones. Moreover, the juice will be beneficial in those people who desire to lose weight as cucumber serves well as an ingredient of weight loss. Cucumber also helps to prevent blood pressure and is very beneficial in boosting one’s bone health. Cucumber and melon also have anticancer properties that lower the risk of cancers for a healthier body. Despite the drink having a refreshing experience, it will be full of health benefits too. The juice for sure has a vast target market. Our main target market age bracket of 45 to 64 as it is the most common age bracket of people being diagnosed with diabetes. The age bracket has about two million people living in New York City. The same age bracket earns more than 50$ a month which means that they have a stable source of income. Our drink targets all ethnic groups since health does not choose which ethnic group to attack.

Budgetary information

The cost of a nonalcoholic drink in the United States varies from 3$ to 15$. Kenry beverages are made affordable to the benefit of our consumers. Trusted local farmers supply us with the raw materials needed. This helps the company to keep a check on the budget. We estimate that a single drink will range from 3$ to 13$ while the profit from a single glass will vary from 1$ to 10$. We purpose to supply about 20000 bottles annually. We estimate that the budget of the company will be 250000$ annually.


Kenry Beverage Company has three main competitors in New York City. Juicy Lucy juice bar, and Juice Vitality. These three companies are offering fresh fruit juices and other non-alcoholic beverages. They also target a similar audience and have a wide range of products. However, our unique element, despite offering free samples, will be that our ingredients will be sourced locally, and we will provide an exceptional product by the preference of the customer. We will also be deploying new recipes of juices in the market. Our products will be of quality, and our customer service delivery will be exemplary to satisfy our customers fully. These elements will help us in positioning ourselves as we try to penetrate the competitive market. We will make it our mission for other established brands not to thrive in the market by using our quality products. This will help us face intense competition in the non-alcoholic beverage market. We will also ensure that our products are developed as time goes on to come up with a unique product for our consumers.

The company’s message

Our product is not only meant to bring profit to the business but to help people with diabetes and high blood pressure cope with their illness. Most of the food in America can be considered s junk which can be hazardous to the group of people battling with diabetes and high blood pressure. We wanted to bring sanity to the food industry in America since most of the foods and beverages are processed or imported. By offering fresh juices, we will not only bring value to ourselves but also for the communities we live in. Our drink is not only beneficial to those fighting diseases but the ones trying to keep fit too. Our company will come up with more recipe that helps our target audience cope with these lifestyle diseases.

Marketing vehicles

The visibility of any company in the market depends on the marketing vehicles they use.The marketing vehicles we will choose are to bring the attention of clients to our products which are new in the market. Our strategies are meant to make our product known to the market and the benefit it offers to our consumers. We will use both print and electronic media to pass down the information concerning our drinks for instance billboards, radio, magazines, broadcast as well as personal contacts. We will pass our message on the benefits of our product to our potential customers who will, in turn, bring returns to our company and help it to grow. Once we have advertised our product well enough, it will be easier to penetrate the competitive market of non-alcoholic beverages. Our marketing strategies will also help to reach out to various target markets.

Use of social media

We will use social media as a tool for our messages to reach our clients. We will maximize tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Through social media, we will build a credible reputation for our company. It is the platform where clients get to interact with the management and voice out their concerns concerning our products. We will also use the platform to attract potential clients for our products by giving detailed information about our products and services and answer all raised questions. Through social media, we will direct more traffic to our website through which we will increase our visibility and attract investors too (Tuten, 2014).

Strategic location

We will locate the business in a logical and accessible area. We will look for busy places where clients can easily reach our shop to get beverages. Areas such as shopping centers, sports centers and gyms are some of the sites where we target to place our stores. We intend that customers should experience our services without having to struggle to find our location. Through a strategic location, we will also create different target markets which will, in turn, increase our cash flow, and in the long run, we will establish ourselves in the market.  As our customer base increases, we will expand our staff for effective delivery as we don’t want our customers lining up for very long to get our products (Blackburn, 2013).

Online marketing

The internet will help us to keep in touch with people in remote areas or other areas though they are busy. Online advertising will help us deliver our message to a broader audience. It will also assist in getting brand awareness within a short period. Our focus will not only be o online marketing but also on other traditional methods of marketing such as print media and billboard advertising. Once we communicate our message, we will enjoy the returns of our business (Stephen, 2016).

With the right strategies, we will do our young business known to the public and eventually establish ourselves in the market where will promote health not only to our community but also to the state as well. Kenry Beverage Company’s goal is to see a healthier nation which will be made possible through supporting the introduction of healthy foods and drinks in the market.



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