Kenya Safari Lodges and Hotels

Kenya Safari Lodges and Hotels

Kenya Safari Lodges and Hotels is a limited company that was incorporated in 1966. It started its operations in 1969 under the management of Hallways Hotels ltd, which is a UK based company until 1974. Thereafter the company was converted to a parastatal. The main shareholders of the company include Kenya Tourism Development Corporation, CDC, Kenya wildlife service and Mountain Lodge. KSLH comprises of three units, which include Voi Safari Lodge, Mombasa Beach Hotel and Ngulia Safari Lodge.

Being a government mandated parastatal, KSLH is mandated with undertaking various activities and operations. Among them is the provision of premium hotel and lodge accommodation, current conference and business meeting venues, customized beach and safari experiences and ensuring wildlife and environmental conservation. There is also provision of high value niche products that are geared towards attaining Kenya vision 2030. Most of these activities are aimed at capturing high end clients due to the charges that are involved. Businesses that afford to book venues for their meetings at this spot are usually developed in one way or another in their service or product offering. Most of the tourists involved are usually foreigners since the prices are more affordable to them compared to the local tourists. Other niche products offered are aimed at complementing the services being provided by the company. Based on the fact that KSLH falls under the tourism sector, has made it to be identified by the government as one of the key sectors to drive the economic growth towards attainment of vision 2030. The activities undertaken within the company focus on the social and economic pillars.

 Pricing Policy

The pricing policy of KSLH is not fixed in any way since it is subject to change now and then. Most of the prices offered by the company on various products and services being provided are relatively equivalent to the prevailing market prices. This is with comparison to other similar entities that are not public enterprises in nature. Entities used in this comparison are of similar quality in this niche. KSLH is more of a high-end entity and so are most of its clients.

The prices generally are dependent on which time of the year it is. During the tourism peak season, the prices tend to sky-rocket compared to when the season is at its low. The rates are usually quoted inclusive of relevant taxes, levies and service charges. The rates that have been quoted are subject to change without any prior notice. During the high season, a non-refundable deposit, which is equivalent to the cost of the first night’s accommodation is required to secure any booking. There is no offering of credit for any meals that are not taken on full-board accommodation plans. There is also a problem of accepting personal cheques unless they have already been cleared through the accounts system before the arrival of the client.

There is also a children’s policy incorporated in the pricing policy. Children 0-3 years are usually accommodated free of charge. Children between 4-12 years accompanied by their parents pay 50% of what the adults are paying. If they will be staying on separate rooms, they are charged 75% of double room occupancy rate.

Social Objectives

Among the social objectives associated with KSLH is promoting and improving the standard and quality of tourist movement.  This is attained through the products and services offered to the clients. The company aims at ensuring that the standards are of the desired quality in all of its three units. This objective ensures that clients get value for their money, and they will most likely come back in future due to the favorable experience.

KSLH also aims at offering a favorable platform through which individuals from different cultural backgrounds can come together and interact. Through the interaction people tend to share different ideas that are beneficial to the individuals involved in one way or another. Others tend to form meaningful relationships as a result of these interactions.

There is also the objective of enhancing corporate social responsibility towards all the stakeholders involved with the company. This is through offering favorable working environment to employees, maintaining high quality standards for clients, ensuring profitability on the side of shareholders among others.

KSLH is also involved with the conservation of wildlife and environment for the sake of future generations. This ensures that these generations will be able to enjoy the afro-mentioned facilities and reap the relevant satisfaction that is associated with them.



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