Key Tasks and Deadline

A viable project should have a specific time frame with which it plans to achieve its target. The project will take three months. The time frame involves meeting with the key customers, installing the expected software and training the major stakeholders on how to use the available technology. Follow-ups will be done to ensure that the goals and objectives of the project get met and that the results become helpful to the intended audience.

Essential tasks in the completion of the project involve getting to meet with the stakeholders of the specific companies to discuss the available assets. The meeting will ensure that the project committees have enough knowledge of what is expected of them regarding what they are supposed to buy. A project manager must ensure that they have data regarding the number of computers they are expected to purchase. The project will get divided into phases, and each step will be assessed to weigh if following the set goals and objectives. Project staff will be distributed based on the experience that each person and later allocated a supervisor in every area.

Overall Cost and the Staffing/non-staffing Resources Needed

The estimated total cost for the project is $300 million. The price is inclusive of the installation of the software as well as the cost of labor. The cost also includes the buying of the computers required by some companies. The project involves staffing and non-staffing resources. Ten staffs will be employed temporarily with fair pay. Some non-professionals will as well be hired to handle some groundwork. In getting the right team, the company will look for individuals with the right skills and experience. Funds will get sourced from the retained earnings and the employees of the companies.

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