Kim Kardashian Poem

I, who trends like the sun in a hot summer

My name flies above me because I am shorter

Everyone calls to confirm my presence

And the sons of kings stare at me because am the princess

Young girls wear clothes and tie knots on their heads like me

Like a firefly, my skin shines even in dark corners

My hair glows dark and black like blackjack

And when I pass by the streets, all I leave is good luck


Who has never heard of Kim Kardashian?

Even the innocent mouths shout my name

All I do is stand up and swallow the fame

Still, I choose to be humble to avoid wrangles

Especially when I advertise fashions on television

All I aspire is to inspire the next generations

So that they can rise high to play with the stars

And remember me every time the time shines


Remember me but do not hide my beginning

Like a seedling, I sprouted while the moon was shining

And rose to the ladder that am still climbing

All I do is rejoice when the drama comes

But I take care not to leave the audience traumatized

Sometimes I feel rejected and stigmatized

But like fire spikes in a cold forest, I fight to shine more

Hardships come, but I try to cope

And my goal is to rekindle the lost hope


Who else wants to be Kim Kardashian?

Do not bother if you are American or Australian

All you need is to stay informed

Until the day your dream will be confirmed

And then you will reign like a queen in a palace

Your name will shine in every place

And I will be there to rename you Kim Kardashian

Because am the real Kim Kardashian


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