Kith SWOT Analysis: Opportunities

  1. Augment social media footprint by enhancing online service delivery, using celebrities as brand ambassadors, launch online campaigns, and collaborate with not-for-profit organizations on social and environmental causes.
  2. According to Boone and Kurtz (41), social media has developed into one of the most powerful tools for customer engagement, brand development, and advertising. Social media’s reach, through aspects such as slogans, dynamism, and endorsements, surpasses that of any other platform today. As a growingbusiness, Kith can exploit this attribute to expand its visibility domestically and internationally.By combining the power of social media with the appeal of worthy causes, Kith will not only engage and acquire more customers but also strengthen its brand.
  3. Kith Ice-cream Truck
  4. This idea achieves two vital goals: first, it allows Kith to reach out to and interact with customers directly; second, it is a promotional tool in itself as it can be branded in such a way that it advertises the company’s offerings and value proposition. The result is that the company will increase the popularity of its brand. Adding campaigns such as bonus treats and free coupons to clients on specific days willfurther boost the strengths mentioned above (Keillor34).
  5. Global expansion.
  6. Currently, Kith’s operational locus is limited to the United States. In an era in which markets are becoming increasingly globalized, Kith has an excellent opportunity to venture into foreign markets where it can launch its trendy operating model in countries and regions where competition is not as stiff as the United States. Pursuing this strategy will also grow the company’s revenues considerably.
  7. Unique model and style.
  8. Kith employs a standout operating model that packages and presents snacks and treats in a more fancy way than consumers are normally used to. It steers away from the typical restaurant template and instills innovation and sophistication into its services, products, branding, and customer relationships. So far, evidence suggests that Kith is yet to maximize on the potential promised by this approach.
  9. Persistently high demand for urban fashion
  10. Kith’s foray into the street fashion segment, which perfectly complements its trendy positioning, can offer far more than it does at the moment, mainly because the popularity of urban fashion among young people remains strong. The two aspects can be combined to grow the firm’s customer base and increase revenues.


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