Klout Score

My klout score is 66. Through my online accounts such as twitter, Google plus and facebook, I share news and ideas. I am fond of sharing influential things such as breaking news and informative ideas about different topics such as health, finance and marketing among others. Mostly, I connect with influential people such as politicians, innovators and business people.

There are specific actions I can take to raise my klout score. One of the actions is to connect with more influencers. This includes writing posts in social media that influencers will be able to like, comment and even share. It is important to note the kind of people who interact with your posts. If they have no influence like yourself, then, you can never move forward. Another action is to just be authentic. There is no need to use tricks and manipulations. If I just align my innate gifts together with my passions and then share them with the world, then I can raise my score. Many people try to use shortcuts to become influential but it rarely works.

Another action would be to gain influence on at least one of the social networks. The klout score uses an algorithm to calculate the score from all your active social network accounts. However, the social network that one is most active in will weigh more heavily on the score than the others. In addition, it is easy to concentrate on one social network as opposed to engaging in all. Once one is influential in one social network, it is easy to transmit this influence to other social networks. Another action would be to work harder as the klout score increases. As the score increases, it becomes harder to influence it. It thus requires one to work even harder as the score increases.

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