La Trobe University

How La Trobe University Can Leverage Its Assets to Help the Community and Existing Businesses in MelbourneRegarding Opening Up Art Gallery/Museum In The Campus

Opening up the art gallery/museum in the campus will bring benefits to both the local community around Melbourne as well as the existing businesses in the region. Globally, University- sponsored museums and art galleries play a critical role within the communities where they are located. This is because of the benefits that they bring to these passive stakeholders.

A museum will boost the role of universities, and in this case La Trobe University in supporting and delivering research. It will also assist the university in its core role of inspiring students and enhancing and enriching their learning experience. The museum/gallery, by exploring various contemporary themes such as culture, politics, and society, it will create an invaluable center for research, art interpretation, teaching, anddiscourse. This will encourage, educate, inspire and encourage the local community who visit, as well as the local student community who will benefit from a richer hands-on learning experience. The museum will also serve as a place for entertainment, inspiration and education to all who visit.

The museum could also contribute significantly to broadening and expanding community participation in university activities. Such a museum could become the first point of contact between the community, especially for children and young adults, and an institution of higher learning. This would promote a learning culture in the community, and a desire by young people to pursue university education upon completion of high school. Thus, such a museum can encourage and inspire young people to pursue higher education.

The university through the museum would add to and make a significant contribution to contemporary discourse, adding to the knowledge of Australian artists, events, and movements. This would encourage local entrepreneurs and persons interested in arts to continue actively engaging in the arts. The presence of such a museum/gallery would kindle and initiate discussions and debates on historical and contemporary arts. The museum/gallery will also act as a focal point for cultural outreach that will facilitate and allow for university teaching and research that is object-based, student-focused, and community oriented.

Lastly, by making space for temporary exhibitions for local artists, and permanent galleries that explore the development of Australian art history, the museum will not only promote local community participation but will also grant them a sense of belonging in the university. This will have the added advantage of giving the university community support, in many of its undertakings, which is critical for any organization.

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