Large International Corporations

What is the main focus of the mission statement? How is the mission shaped by the primary industry in which the organization participates?

The companies I visited their websites include Nike, Microsoft and Samsung. They are international companies that provide different products and services to the consumers hence they have different mission statements. For the case of Nike Corporation, its mission statement focuses on inspiring and providing innovations to all athletes in the world. They believe that if an individual has a body, then he/she is an athlete (“Nike CR Report” n.d). Second, Microsoft Corporation’s mission statement focuses on empowering individuals in every organization to achieve more. The corporation offers development, license and support to a variety of software products and services (“About Microsoft” n.d). Also, it designs and sell hardware. Through its products, the company helps people and businesses throughout the world achieve their full potential. On the other hand, Samsung’s mission statement focusses on inspiring the world and creating the future. The company deals with new technology, creative solutions and innovative products thus inspiring the community around the world (“Welcome to Samsung” n.d).

Which of the three mission statements most closely represents the actions of the corporations you have researched? Support your response with additional researched information.

From the three mission statements, I found Nike’s mission to be closely representing the actions of the corporation. The corporation offers athletic footwear, clothing and equipment. Its famous symbol the “swoosh,” is an international symbol for athletes who perform better to achieve their dreams (“Nike CR Report” n.d). The company strives for innovation that delivers inspiration, serve the athlete and grow the company. They continuously challenge themselves and consumers through innovation, sustainability, and design.

Based on your research, which of the organizations would you choose as a prospective employer? Why?

From the three organizations, I will choose Samsung Corporation as my prospective employer. The company’s growth is impressive and it is proving to the world that it is a world class tech leader. I love the company’s mission statement and I would like to be inspired and be part of its future endeavors. Also, I am a dynamic individual who will fit well into the corporate’s culture. The company is based on talent, creativity and dedication of its employees (“Welcome to Samsung” n.d).


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