The Hispanic or Latino ethnic minority group comprises of individuals from areas such as Mexico and Puerto Rico. The leading causes of death among the Hispanics are heart disease and cancer. Moreover, the Hispanics also show a high prevalence of diabetes, mental health issues, obesity and high blood pressure among other health disorders. Being a minority and marginalized community, the Hispanics portray low access to healthcare primarily due to affordability issues and their legal status while in the United States. Therefore, for the majority of the Hispanics, there is insufficient monitoring of their health status, which contributes to adverse health outcomes.

In considering the health disparities among the Hispanics, a nurse in the public health clinic should focus the prevention campaigns mainly on self-care practices and support of community health. Health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, and obesity which are highly prevalent can best be prevented through campaigns that promote proper nutrition, exercise, and other diverse self-care practices(Fuster, 2017). The initial concept to consider for the promotional and prevention campaigns is to educate the Hispanic women about healthy eating habits, which comprise of consumption of a healthy diet, as well as encouraging the Hispanic women to organize community events that promote engagement in physical activity.

Given the high rates of depression cases among the Hispanic women aged between 15 years and 40 years, it is important to also encourage the development of community center that cater towards the mental wellbeing of both the working class and student population of Hispanic women(De Oliveira, Cianelli, Gattamorta, Kowalski, &Peragallo, 2017). The campaigns should also be focused on cultural competence by encouraging the engagement of the community to participate fully in the campaign activities.


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