Launching XYZ Company

Why the team is the best for the task

XYZ Company is launching a new facility, and I have a group of talented graduates who can organize a perfect opening ceremony.  I am aware that the company has strong corporate values that have been the basis for the company’s success. The opening ceremony will have a major impact on how the facility will be received by the general public. Although we have not had an opportunity to organize such ceremonies in the corporate world, my team and I have huge experience in organizing major events in the university and most of these events have been a success. I want to assure you that the group knows exactly what it means to organize such important events. It is also important to notify that the team has good listening skills and will strictly follow any instruction that might come from the management of the company. I am sure that my team has the capacity to make all the necessary arrangements for the ceremony on time and with the highest level of excellence. Also, I have a flexible team that is willing to make necessary corrections as the need may arise and therefore it will be a collaborative exercise. I promise to be loyal to the company and its values to ensure that the ceremony will be successful, and the company’s brand and the image will remain high. It is on these premises that I am seeking an audience with the HR of XYZ to discuss more on how to make this opening ceremony a success.


Assuming that my team has been selected to organize the opening ceremony for the company’s new facility, it is important to have a meeting with the company management to ensure that the ceremony will be a success. Firstly, it is imperative to discuss on the budget estimations for the opening ceremony. For instance, the ceremony will require finances to hire sound systems, chairs, tents, catering services among others. In our meeting, we will discuss all these appropriations and ensure that everything will be set on time. In addition, the meeting will also discuss issues relating to the security of staff and all the guests that will be expected to attend the meeting. The meeting will discuss on how we will identify our guests, staff, and the general public to ensure that the safety of all persons is guaranteed. We will make our proposals to the HR on how we have been managing other university events and reach a conclusion on what is expected before, during and after the ceremony.

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