Leadership Development Lessons

Q1. The personal leadership development process has enabled me to realize the leadership capabilities I was not aware of before such as the ability to coordinate activities in ateam. Besides, I learned several strategies of becoming a better leader by impacting others and the organization. For instance, I learned juniors are likely that as a leader, I should embrace change and advice others on the benefits of the change to avoid resentment. In this way, my juniors will understand that the change will impact their jobs positively and become implementers and agents of the change. I also learned that I should be inspirational by always motivating by followers even in the most challenging circumstances. This will encourage the followers to remain focussed towards achieving organizational goals. Moreover I learned the value of authenticity. As a leader, I should passionate about what I do and share my goals and vision with others.


To (Insert your name), one of the strengths you have is excellent communication skills. You articulate issues in a way that is clear, simple and concise. In this way, team members can easily understand your information. Secondly, you are honest. This enables your juniors totrust, and remain loyal to you.

Q3. As a team manager, I would use positive criticism by congratulating them for work well done and highlighting the areas that need improvement. Besides, I will use positive reinforcement by promising them a reward if they improve. This will motivate them to work harder than before.


To all Team Members, the previous stage of the project was a success because we were able to deliver quality materials within the provided timeframe. However, we were behind our sub-schedule, which would allow us to complete the project earlier and earn a bonus. I urge you to remain focussed for the next stage of the project and work with the same determination to ensure that we deliver the remaining stages even earlier to enable us to earn a delivery bonus, which will reflect in your bank accounts at the end of every phase of the project. Your continued support is highly appreciated. Team manager.