Leadership Goal

Leadership is a critical element of the management which increases effectiveness and helps in accomplishing hierarchical objectives. Leadership is an essential part and a central segment of successful administration. Strategic thinking is a vital leadership goal; it enables leaders to make the right decisions as well as prioritize tasks according to their importance (Chattopadhyay 2015). Strategic thinking enhances the ability of leaders to see business issues more broadly and take a more extensive business point of view. It enables leaders to learn how to stay away from the everyday strategic subtleties of work and to look into the “why,” not simply the “what” and “how.”

Development Plan for Strategic Thinking

The strategic thinking procedure is a device to enable a leader to detail their ideas and thoughts into a proper plan. Simply captivating in the process of strategic thinking gives an advantage to a leader (Phillips & Moutinho, 2018). In achieving the strategic thinking leadership goal, the following steps are necessary;

Understanding the present; understanding the present condition of the organization is essential for planning purposes, this aids in developing a vision and strategies that address the current state of the business.

Establishing a vision; with the information gathered in the initial stage, it is necessary to develop a vision plan that covers the details about what the business aims at accomplishing. In this step, the vision is described in precise details (Phillips & Moutinho, 2018).

Identifying the crucial issues; in strategic thinking, it is important to point out the essential problems of an organization, these critical issues need to be prioritized. It is necessary for proper planning of all business practices and processes.

Setting up goals and objectives; after the essential business issues have been identified, the next step will be stabling the business goals and objectives. It has to match the problems identified earlier.

Establish an action plan; for the goals and objectives set above to materialize, plans have to be developed to meet the goals and objectives. It is a vital stage since it determines the operations of the business and how successful they will be (Phillips & Moutinho, 2018)

Resource allocation; the action plan requires specific resources in its implementation, in this stage, the necessary resources are distributed for execution of the plan.

Fiedler model

The Fiedler model expresses that there is no particular best style of administration. Instead, a leader’s adequacy depends on the circumstance. This model aligns with my leadership development plan in that strategic thinking requires a leader to focus on the situation at hand to apply his/her strategic thinking skills to address the particular issue at hand. Strategic thinking has no manual; rather it depends on the circumstance that a leader has to deal with at that specific moment.



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