Legal Interests

Legal Interests

DQ 1

Spectrum Health Care has opened a broader platform for their customers to access their services. This offers them an added advantage over their competitors. Their commitment to excellence ensures the well being of people associated with the organization. Spectrum Health care concern extends to the community. Their employees and partners have worked for hand in hand to ensure that they serve their clients in most diligent ways. This has attracted a greater audience. The great efforts and quality service have in turn earned them an excellent reputation worldwide

DQ 2

The trend that Amazon uses on its governance makes it easy for the brand to be successful. Work is separated from shares. This provides a better platform for others to get employment. In most cases the shareholders are given positions in the co-operation they end up earning twice. The other fact is that it ensures the continuation of the organization. This makes it firm that the investors will not lose their money if at any point they invest. It is bright and evident that Amazon will do nothing other than prospering especially because they have put the interest of the corporation first.

DQ 3

Coca Cola Company has a secured future for its shareholders. They have put lofty standards for their organization and are working hard to reach them. The business doctrine and custom promote robust, inventive and joint culture, which is devoted to excellent performance, responsibility, and precision. The company is not entitled to depend on the stakeholders only during their deficiency. This is a unique opportunity for the company to grow in terms of relations. The stakeholders are not accountable for any of the company’s loses.


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