Health professionals have a massive role to play in improving the quality and accessibility of healthcare to the people. They give services that are crucial and also promote healthcare practices that can prevent diseases. These professionals also deliver services to individuals. The central role of health in society is to ensure that everyone is safe and does not suffer from any diseases. Stress is a massive component of health and professionals have to find ways of dealing with it. Stress is made up of individuals and people who are concerned about the stress and diseases and how to make the society better so that everyone can have a life that is free from illnesses.Mental health and social emotions or well being depend on several factors that come internally and externally. External factors include ideas such as economic disadvantages that have for a long time been documented and can be understood easily. Even though the degree of impact has been debated, these factors contribute massively to the betterment of someone’s health or not. The impact has been discussed as to whether they should also contribute to health care ideas or not. There are several internal factors such as motivation that are quite difficult for professionals to explain. The Moscow hierarchy that was published in the 1940s can be used in explaining motivation (Townsend, and Morgan, 2017). Moscow’s hierarchy of needs suggests that various individuals are motivated when they are under the requirements that are classified within a hierarchy. If the lower seeds that are within the hierarchy are fulfilled as required before the ones that are higher in the level, there is a better link between the cultural disconnection, and therefore it can result to a better solution in addressing the situation.


Townsend, M. C., & Morgan, K. I. (2017). Psychiatric mental health nursing: Concepts of care in evidence-based practice. FA Davis.

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