Letter: Advancing to the Position of Manager

Letter: Advancing to the Position of Manager

To Whom It May Concern:

I hereby declare my interest in advancing to the position of manager in charge of union affairs in our organization. I declare this with much enthusiasm that my request will be granted so that I can contribute more to the development of our organization. The job has many critical responsibilities, which correspond to my ambition to advance and skills. In deed, my greatest desire is to advancement the company as it endeavors to meet its desires and business targets. I believe that my virtues will be well utilized when used to advocate for the same employees who make our company great.

I have a particular skill set in human mediation that will fit well in the rigors of managing a union. The position requires someone with a unique balance between recognition of company’s limitations and the endorsement of human rights especially labor rights. The relationship between management and unions has been a rocky for the better part of their existence. However, today, both the organizations and the unions are on the lookout for better ways of collaborating and cooperating in making sure that organizations survive these competitive times (Avgar, Lamare, Lipsky & Gupta, 2013). If organization does not survive, then employees will have no employment and the unions will have no employees to represent. In addition, the friction between the unions and the management create inefficiencies in the organizations. These among others are the reasons unions are looking to cooperate with organizations in development and sustenance.

The role of unions is to bring the employees together and protect their rights. However, these days, the forefront employees are not the only ones uniting when it comes to unions. Effective unions representative are working with managements these days to help the organizations achieve their goals. The days when unions and management argued every day are wrong gone. Ultimately, a company and a union must associate closely. Though the unions and the management may view their goals as different, they have a common goal of seeing the company survive and prosper (Daley, 2006). When the company prospers, everybody benefits and when it falls, everybody loses and nobody wants to be a loser.

I affirm that I will fulfill the duty of fair representation and promote cooperation between the union and the management. Any rumors will be stopped immediately but effectively communicating to the members (Beer et al., 1984). This will ensure there peace and cohesion in the company. All the proposals and policies will be communicated to the employees in time through meetings and face-to-face communication.

My major skill is mediation, which makes me a poor candidate for the administrative position as a contract negotiator role. Though I have negotiation skills and I would like to see the company gain great contracts, my passion lies in developing both the company and the employees. Through the years, I have seen what a poorly managed union can do to an organization and I do not want to see this happen to our organization, which I have worked hard to develop. All I am asking is for a chance to develop the company from another angle.



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