Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation

I am pleased to recommend Mr.XXX to your distinguished university for an opportunity to undertake the MS program. I have known Munesh for the last two years when he was working for Computer Sciences Corporation. I am the company’s general manager, and I would oversee most of the activities he was undertaking. I gained interest in him during an employees’ enlightenment meeting, which took place during his second month in the organization. For an employee that was new to the organization, he seemed to possess favorable qualities that would ensure success in a variety of fields. During the meeting, he expressed himself as a strong employee with an ability to lead the way for others. This is based on the questions and suggestions that he was raising.  It was outright that he is very eager to learn and add new knowledge to his competencies. His communication skills were exquisite.  The type of person that makes everyone in the room to pay full attention in an attempt of grasping what is being communicated.

In the organization, there is a two months mandatory behavioral and technical training program for new graduates joining the organization. Based on the trainer’s feedback and the technical skills that he possesses in programming languages, I gave him the opportunity to be part of the Land’s End Team. This is an international retail project that operates in USA, UK, Japan, Austria, and Germany. I was utterly impressed by his learning abilities. He is a quick learner and only requires minimum supervision to work optimally. He is that individual that does not require external motivation or pressure to deliver the desired results.  His motivation comes from within. It gives you the impression of an individual who knows what he wants in life and is aware that his current actions will determine the future outcomes.

XXX is a rare type of an employee. He would be a valuable asset to any institution that would have him. Someone with very strong communication skills, and still finds it possible to associate with colleagues in the best way possible. With the experience that I have had, outspoken employees usually have difficulties associating with their colleagues, but this is not an issue that affects XXX at all.  Very mature with the way he carries himself. The clients that interacted with him when he was working with Land’s End Team gave very positive feedbacks. His commitment tends to impress many.

His impressive qualities have made me recommend him for an admission to your graduate program. I am sure he will bring more to the table than you would expect. He is the type of person that you will never regret offering a scholarship or any other form of assistance available. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.





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