LGBT Health Care

LGBT individuals involve the people from different groups such as from all races, ethnicities, religion and also from social classes. As a nurse practitioner, my purpose is to listen, explain and work together with other people as a community so that we can give our patients the highest quality care. Therefore, to achieve this goal we have to make sure that we have improved the health, safety and the well-being of the individuals of this community of Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.

As a nurse practitioner, to make a positive impact on LGBT patients is by effectively addressing their issues through conducting a national survey and taking health records. It will allow me accurately to characterize LGBT health and disparities accurately.

Creating awareness of the culture of LGBT patients. Through this, many people will be sensitized about this culture, and therefore the society will understand them. Besides that, i will create an accepting environment. By doing this is to assure that the environment sends messages that communicate acceptance and respect to all patients.

Growing pride and confidence in care. By having this attitude that is non-judgemental and accepting allows me as a nurse practitioner to deliver quality care to LGBT patients. It will boost the confidence to associate with other members of society openly. Another critical aspect is having behavioral health as a requirement to focus on intentional care. It is important to avoid to misgender the patient when talking to them.

In conclusion, keeping realistic expectation with communication and understanding gender fluidity is also essential. It will only happen by trying to establish a meaningful dialogue while focusing on the reasons the LGBT patients are seeking.