Liberty and Freedom in the US

The concepts of liberty, as well as freedom, have been in the history of the united states since the 1820s. Slavery has always been mentioned, and it is known that it existed among the Africans and African Americans who were living in the united states. Slavery was practiced from the time that the British were colonizing the united states. Between 17705 to 1783 is when the American revolution took place and by this time, slavery had been institutionalized as a caste based on race but highly associated with the African Americans. After the American Revolution, slavery was mostly abolished in the northern states of the US.

The northern states started depending heavily on free labor, but the southern states largely remained conservative because slavery was still being practiced. The country became polarized and divided over the issue of slavery. There emerged free states and the slave states. This led to the Mason Dixon line. The line divided the slave free Pennsylvania from Delaware and Maryland.

According to the constitution, the goal and aims of the people of the US are to live in freedom and liberty. Freedom means that no one is superior to the other and all people are free from abuse. The slavery that was being witnessed before should have been an issue of the past by the time independence was attained. However, slavery continued to manifest in some of the states primarily in the southern US. This could have been because the African American population in the south is much lower compared to their community in the north. Also, the white population in the south is more extensive than in the north.

The formation of political parties did bring a lot of changes in the US because they came to bring out the ideas of the people who were struggling for liberty. For instance, the concepts of Gabriel were primarily picked up and supported by the Republican party because they were anti-slavery and called for liberty. Therefore, political parties did carry on the work of removing slavery from the US.

In conclusion, slavery was finally replaced by freedom and social justice in the latter years in the united states when society eventually came to accept that everyone has equal rights. As a result, the 2008 presidential elections saw Americans elect a black president, the first in history.