Likely impact of terrorism in the twenty-first century

Likely impact of terrorism in the twenty-first century

In this twenty first century, terrorism has become modernized and worldwide. Terrorism has led to many deaths in many parts of the world. Terrorism comes inform of different ways ranging from bombings and suicide boomers. Homegrown terrorists are the most lethal in that international terrorists groups into killing their own people exploit them.

A possible outcome of the terrorism is deteriorating economic conditions. Countries are forced to use many resources to prepare for acts of terrorism instead of development. The United States for example has dedicated many resources into fighting terrorism. In addition, the terrorist’s event of 9/11 led to the entrance of America into Iraq. America has incurred many loans to finance the war and this has affected the economy.

Another possible outcome of the terrorism in the twenty first century is the break out of religious war. Terrorism is mainly associated with the Muslim religion. In some parts of the world like Africa, terrorists kill Christians. They are trying to convert the people to practice the Muslim religion. If the Christians decide to revenge, a religious war will break out.

Another possible impact of terrorism is the loss of lives. In this century, there are many problems such as unemployment. The youths opt to join terrorists groups where well-wishers to cause economic instability fund them. These youths could be working to develop the economy but instead works on killing their own countries people. In many times, they are also killed in military strikes. Overall, the fight against terrorism has led to the death of many soldiers. This has led to many social problems such as single parenthood, poverty among the deceased families among others.

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