What is the relationship between the Spanish word diente and the English word tooth?

The Spanish word diente and the English word tooth are related. This is because the two words refer to the dental formula with the only difference between them being that diente is more specific than tooth.

Is the English word dentist a native Germanic word or was it borrowed into English at a later date? Explain.

The word dentist was borrowed into English at a later date and is not a native Germanic. This word is believed to have been borrowed from the French word ‘’Dentiste’’. Tooth in French is ‘’ dent’’ and the word dentist is derived from this term. Dent+ist.

Why would children exposed to English be expected to learn the meaning of the prepositions in and on before behind and in front of? (Hint: consider speaker’s perspective)

The use and understanding of a language increases as the years move on. As children grow, their vocabulary also grows in size. This explains why children will be able to use and understand shorter prepositions such as in and on before they understand behind and in front of. Language will always develop with age.

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