Lisa’s PBIP Case Study

Lisa’s PBIP Case Study

Question 1

Lisa tends to spit at classroom staff while standing at the top of the slide. On other occasions, she will also spit on other children that seem to interfere with her activities. Lisa spits at the teachers and staff 4 times out of 9 classroom transitions daily and 12 times out of 15 recess periods a week. She also spits at other children 1 to 2 times a day.

This behavior is significant, and it deserves a behavioral intervention. To begin with, the problem is likely to interfere with Lisa’s learning endeavors. This is because the aspect of spitting at teachers comes out as being disrespectful. This might make several teachers avoid her since they do not want to be humiliated in the presence of other students. Lack of attention will hinder Lisa from acquiring the desired educational skills. The problem is also likely to interfere with Lisa’s positive social interactions and relationships with other children. This is because they will be avoiding her due to the fear of being spat at.


Question 2

Lisa’s behavior is triggered when she is asked to do something that she does not want to do. This includes something like being told to put away her toys. Being requested to transition from one activity to another also results in this behavior. The problem with the transition normally occurs when she is doing something that she enjoys a lot. When it comes to other children, the behavior is triggered when the children try to enter an area where she is playing.

These events result to Lisa spitting on both the teachers and her peers. It can be assumed that what follows the behavior is that the teachers leave Lisa to continue with her activities so that she can desist from the spitting. When it comes to other children, they are likely to refrain from interfering with her activities or other objects of interest.


Question 3

Lisa’s behavior is somewhat triggered by some events. Among them are instructional strategies. She normally commences to spit upon being requested to transition from one activity to another . It might be true that she dislikes the other events, but how she is instructed about the other upcoming events might be contributing to the behavior. Social situations maybe considered to be another setting event variable. This is because Lisa will only spit at her peers when they are trying to initiate an interaction while she is indulging in her activities.


Question 4

There are two functions of behavior in this case; which include negative reinforcement and communication. The rationale for

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