Literacy Narrative

From an early age, I was fascinated by the aspect of reading and writing. The environment around me was a major contributor to this demeanor. My mother has been a savvy reader for as long as I can remember. She reads a variety of resources ranging from books, journals, magazines among other things. When I was young, her aspect of reading magazines intrigued me. The magazines seemed attractive and quite interesting to look at. Pictures involved were mesmerizing and breathtaking at the same time. She seemed to enjoy more than I did since the only thing I could do is look at the pictures contained. This made me more interested in understanding the aspect of reading. I had started to attend kindergarten, so I was in the process of learning alphabets and other contents involved. My mother upon realizing my interests with regards to reading and writing, she became very supportive. I was bought various books that would play a major role in ensuring that I attain the necessary skills. She would take a few minutes and sometimes hours, to tutor me in one or two areas.  This helped me progress quite well to an extent that I was somehow ahead of other students in the class. I remember the teacher used to call upon me to read out some words for the other students.

Along the way, I have come across various literacy enablers. During my childhood, I would say that the TV played quite a big role in shaping my literacy skills. There were various programs that I was keen not to miss. By watching the programs, I would learn a variety of things and sometimes add some new vocabularies. There are times I bothered my mom the moment I heard a word that sounded interesting, but could not comprehend its meaning. There came a time when I had even mastered most of the advertisements that were being occasionally aired.  I would recite them word by word as they were being aired. Since that time, up to the current period, books have come to be my greatest literacy enabler. Each time I get a new book, I am sure to find something new that did not exist to me previously. Such aspects have shaped my life since I have been able to define my career path along the way. Sometime you come across an article that intrigues you in various ways. The moment you probe its details further, the more you get interested in the topic and the desire to learn more tends to build up.

I have various aspirations with regards to my literacy development. Expounding my literacy with regards to technology is something that I am looking forward to enhance. I desire to acquire various literate skills including but not limited to coding, programming, computer architecture, graphics and visualization, cryptography, algorithms and data structures. These skills will be acquired by way of learning. Currently, I am taking computer science as my major. Through the course, I will be able to equip myself with all the desired skills. The reason I am going with this is because it’s something I have come to like over time. I find it fascinating how small things have the ability to achieve great results. I am also fascinated with technology. How it works, the influence it has on the society and other things. For a long time, I have also desired that my career path be defined along technological aspects. This is because technology is something that evolves from time to time.  It keeps you reading now and then so as to remain relevant. It also creates professions that provide people with an opportunity of making a significant amount of money. There is also that aspect of having the ability to be self-employed and still make good amount out of it.


Research Question (Technology)

Is the possibility of our cars driving themselves a good thing for us?


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