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Part 1: Symbols.  Men are symbolic in the stories. In Hemmingway’s work, men, as represented by Hipolito, are chivalrous and strong. Comparatively, In Steinbeck’s the Chrysanthemums, men signify callousness and indifference towards women. In Cumming’s work, men signify the challenges of modernism in a post War society. Plants are also symbolically used. In the Chrysanthemums, the flowers represent perfection, orderliness, and a restricted life that women face in society. Comparatively, in the Elliot’s The Hollow Men, the cacti and prickly pear represent hopelessness and harsh living conditions, as they are found in deserts.Animals are symbolic of death. In Eliot’s Hollow Men, there are dead rats feet are found in a dry cellular, alluding to lifelessness. Equally, in Cumming’s Buffalo Bill, the buffalos and pigeons kill meet cruel deaths and allude to Cody’s fate as he dies in the same way.

Part 2: Modern Man. From Hemmingway and Elliot, the modern man should be strong and fearless. The man should confront dangers without flinching and be ready to serve people and the country. Additionally,the contemporary man should also not display romantic emotions. Such feelings are viewed as a weakness and contrary to social expectations particularly before the World War.The modern man is also a confused being struggling to fit in modern society. While his roles were predetermined before and during the war, peace and change leave him wondering if being more emotional is acceptable in the present circumstances.

Part 111: Web-Based Source on World War 1. What happened during World War One?. BBC, 2016. Retrieved from The source gives details on the First World War. The text highlights which countries went into war. Equally, it details why the states fought against each other, and their outcome. I find this source very useful in understanding why the battle took place and the effect it had on the countries that participated. Moreover, I have learned the different ways that men and women were affected by the war. I would use this text for academic use because it has accurate figures and is from a reliable media outlet.

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